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The legal system is a set of rules and procedures governing the processes of the judicial branches of government. The legal system's most notable change in recent years is in the implementation of a fast-paced, inquisitive initial trial procedure for trials.

The inquisitive system[]

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In an inquisitive system, a judge acts as the inquisitor who determines the outcome of the trial. For this reason, the court proceedings closely resemble a debating contest, with defense attorneys regularly displaying evidence to counter the argument of the prosecutor. This is in contrast to an adversarial system, in which an objection is generally used to attack the "legality" of a piece of evidence or a question being asked of the witness. Moreover, the judge can ask any question to the defense, the accused, the prosecutors or any witness.


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Those found guilty under the legal system are given varying punishments, depending on severity and intent. The fast-paced initial trials are used to determine the veracity of the charges laid against a party. Upon confirming some or all of the charges, a higher court determines the penalties to be imposed on the party. Murder in particular tends to carry the death penalty, although consideration is given to other aspects, such as premeditation and the possibility of justified self-defense.

Despite witnesses frequently lying on the stand, perjury is scarcely even brought up even when said witnesses are neither culprits nor accomplices, but lying for other reasons.

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