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A letter from Maya Fey that Phoenix Wright received during his investigation to clear Athena Cykes of murder charges. The letter also features a crude drawing of Wright that is strongly reminiscent of another drawing by her.


Maya Letter

Maya's letter.

Hey, Nick!

It's been a while, huh? Miss me? I read somewhere that you were holding trial in the middle of an exploding courtroom? That must've really been something, although weird is par for the course with you. I'd love to come visit, but I'm right in the middle of a difficult part in my training. So instead, think of me as you watch those Steel Samurai videos I sent. I'm sure they'll cheer you right up! 

Yours truly,

Maya Fey

P.S. I bet you've been too busy to clean or take care of the office. So Pearly said she would come help you! Isn't she sweet? You'd better thank her!

"Pleeeeease! Expand meeeeee!"
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