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The photograph from Ini Miney's driving license was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Turner Grey.

Identity theft[]

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In 2016, nurse Mimi Miney was involved in a malpractice incident resulting in the deaths of 14 patients at Grey Surgical Clinic. She was so tired from being overworked by Dr. Turner Grey that she accidentally mixed up the medications. The clinic subsequently attracted sustained scrutiny by the media. Two weeks later, Mimi was driving in her new British sports car with Ini at 1:00 in the morning. However, due to tiredness, Mimi crashed the car. Ini was killed, while Mimi successfully escaped but took Ini's purse with her driver's license by mistake instead of hers. Ini's body and Mimi's face were burnt beyond recognition. Mimi decided to pass as Ini in order to start a new life. To this end, for her facial reconstruction surgery, Ini's driver's license photo was submitted to the surgeons as a reference.

During Wright's investigation into Grey's murder, he learned from Lotta Hart that Ini had been hospitalized at Hotti Clinic. There, Wright questioned "Director Hotti" about Ini, and the latter gave him Ini's license photo. The next day, "Ini" was called to the stand. Eventually, the car crash was discussed, mainly why Mimi had been driving the car despite being tired. "Ini" told him that Mimi had just gotten the new British sports car she had always wanted and hadn't wanted to risk it being driven by Ini, who had just gotten her license. Wright had a realization just then, because "Ini" had claimed after the accident that she had exited the car from the right side. Since this was a British car, the right side would have been the driver's seat. He used this to conclude that the "Ini" from after the accident and Mimi were the same person.