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Rhoda Teneiro
That's an iFly Airlines sponsored movie. It's a suspense-hardboiled-action-romance-horror-comedy movie.
LtLLMaM Poster

The film's poster, as seen on board Flight I-390.

License to Love, Laugh, Maim, and Murder was the in-flight movie on board iFly Airlines Flight I-390 when Akbey Hicks was murdered. It was sponsored by iFly Airlines itself and claimed to encompass multiple film genres including romance, comedy, action and horror. Zinc Lablanc wanted to see it during the flight, but became confused over which time zone the in-flight magazine was referring to when it stated the time it was on and became angry, blaming the flight assistant Rhoda Teneiro for him missing it. According to Lablanc, he cannot see this movie in his own country and can only see it on international flights.