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A lift trolley was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Pierre Hoquet.

Dover's murderEdit

Main articles: The Inherited Turnabout & IS-7 Incident

During the initial investigation into Isaac Dover's murder, Katherine Hall used the lift trolley to steal Dover's sherbet sculptures based on the zodiac. She did so by placing each sculpture on the trolley and placing a tablecloth on it, effectively disguising it as a service cart. This allowed her to steal the sculptures in plain sight without anyone noticing. She kept all the sculptures in the mansion's storage room.

Dane Gustavia's poisoning Edit

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

18 years later, Hall bought the mansion from Master's relatives. She checked on the sherbet sculptures and discovered Dover's body in the Gemini sculpture. Seeing a chance at revenge against the culprit of the IS-7 Incident, she converted the mansion into the Zodiac Art Gallery featuring the sherbet sculptures to lure the killer. She arranged the sculptures inside four rooms representing the seasons, but booby-trapped one of the sculptures to trigger the release of Poison Gas. To protect the real Gemini sculpture, she disguised the sculptures representing the fall months &emdash; the Autumn Palace &emdash; as the sculptures representing the winter months &emdash; the Winter Palace. The trap worked, and she took the trolley into the real Winter Palace. Using the same trick, she hid the Gemini and Taurus sculptures in hollow blocks of ice and brought them, again disguised as a service cart, to the Summer Palace, where she dumped the sculptures. However, because she no longer had a cart once she was done, she was forced to keep her chocolates in her pocket. She also ended up leaving the trolley in the fountain patio.

Edgeworth found the lift trolley where Hall had left it. He later used it to show how she had moved the sculptures.

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