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Lisa Basil
I'm sorry. That data is SuPer Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected.

Lisa Basil is the almost-robotic head of Blue Screens, Inc. She was questioned by Phoenix Wright during his investigation into the murder of Glen Elg, an employee of hers.

Phoenix Wright's queries[]

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Defense attorney Phoenix Wright visited Blue Screens Inc. to inquire about the murder of one of its employees, Glen Elg. Basil gave them a robotic welcome and told them about various aspects of her company and the building that housed it. She also informed Wright that Elg was one of her best employees, but she refused to give up any important information. Using his magatama, Wright questioned her and figured out that Elg had a gambling problem that had led to his loan from Tender Lender.

After the Elg murder case was resolved, Basil hired a new programmer named Adam Mada to replace Elg.


Basil is a friendly person with various robot-like personality quirks and an appearance to match. The buttons on her dress resemble lights on a machine, and even flash in succession. They also blink more rapidly when she is stressed or tense. Basil speaks comparatively quickly, and has a tendency to refer to topics of conversation with immaculate precision, even performing a slide to the right when evidence or profiles are mentioned, adopting a pose with a raised hand, as though she were presenting the evidence herself. She also refers to other people by using technical terms as though they were machines, mentioning Elg as having a few "bugs" in his personality and suffering from a "gambling virus". Upon meeting her, Wright briefly wondered if Basil was even human, but ultimately noted her in the court record as not being a robot.

Despite not doing any programming herself, she wears a monocular head-mounted display like her employees, but only because she likes to wear it.


  • Her name is a palindrome in all language versions, like the other employees of Blue Screens Inc.
  • Her English given name may also be a reference to the Apple Lisa, an early personal computer.

References to popular culture[]

  • On first meeting Lisa Basil, Wright is surprised that she is a human, and comments that she "looks more like a ghost in a shell". This is a reference to Ghost in the Shell, specifically Basil's superficial resemblance to Motoko Kusanagi, the cyborg protagonist of said franchise.
  • If irrelevant evidence is presented to Basil, she tells Wright and Maya Fey that "I'm sorry, that data is SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected." Fey then responds with, "SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected?! What?! This is madness!", to which Wright tells her, "No, Maya, that is SPARDA." This exchange is a reference to the movie 300, namely the exchange between a messenger and King Leonidas (Messenger: "This is blasphemy! This is madness!" Leonidas: "Madness?... This! Is! SPARTA!"). Additionally, spelling it "Sparda" may be a reference to Capcom's Devil May Cry series, where it is the name of the demon father of the series' main characters, Dante and Vergil. The reference would itself later be referenced in Turnabout Reclaimed; while questioning Herman Crab about his data organization system, Crab says that he called it "TORPEDO", which stood for "TeleObservation Realtime PErtinent Data Organizer". Wright wonders to himself whether it was SuPer Admin Restricted Desktop Access pass-protected.
  • The HMDs that she and her employees wear bear a superficial resemblance to the scouter devices worn by numerous characters in the Dragon Ball franchise.