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These are all the available maps in the Ace Attorney universe. A general map is shown first, followed by other maps of various areas, in the order in which a specific location in the area is visited.

General map[]

This is an unofficial map of the Ace Attorney universe in the first four games of the series, based on the in-game movement connections between each location. Please note that this map does not contain the MASON System, the District Court, or any of the areas introduced in games released after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. This map reflects the way in which locations were connected by the "Move" command in these games. These connections are rendered obsolete in subsequent games in the main series, in which one can jump directly to any location relevant to a given episode.

People Park areaDetention centerGatewater Imperial HotelLiving roomPrivate loungeWine cellarHickfield ClinicTrés BienKitchenBlue Screens, Inc.Vitamin SquareTender LenderGlobal StudiosEagle MountainDrew StudioSunshine ColiseumBackstage hallwayStage (Sunshine Coliseum)Lamiroir's dressing roomGavinners's dressing roomCriminal Affairs DepartmentBluecorpGrossberg Law OfficesGourd Lake EntrancePublic BeachGourd Lake WoodsBoat rental shopCaretaker's shackRecords RoomChief's officePolice departmentGuard stationEvidence roomUnderground parking lotRoom 1202Prosecutor Gavin's officeBerry Big CircusKurain VillageFey ManorHotti ClinicMain Exhibition HallBasement WarehouseAtmey Detective AgencyMask☆DeMasque's HideoutCEO's officeSecurity RoomAamapfull
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District Court[]

Partial map:

3rd Floor LobbyCourtroom No. 3Defendant Lobby No. 2Defendant Lobby No. 1Hallway (District Court)Courtyard (District Court)Courtyard (District Court)RestroomCourthouse
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Other locations:

The District Court is where all trials in the Ace Attorney world are held. Fifteen years before the first game, it was where Gregory Edgeworth was killed in the DL-6 Incident.

People Park area[]

This area notably contains the Wright Anything Agency and Gatewater Hotel.

Kitaki MansionPeople ParkWright Anything AgencyEldoon's houseGatewater HotelMeraktis ClinicPeople Park Area
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Meraktis Clinic

Global Studios[]


Gourd Lake[]

General map:

Gourd Lake WoodsCaretaker's shackBoat rental shopPublic BeachGourd Lake EntranceGourdLake
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Di-Jun Wang's speech:

President's planeStage (Gourd Lake)Audience areaGK2GourdLake
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Fey Manor[]

Meditation RoomChanneling ChamberWinding WayWinding WaySide RoomFey manor guidemap
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Berry Big Circus[]

Map of the Berry Big Circus:

Moe's RoomLodging house plazaAcro's RoomCafeteriaRingmaster's roomBig TopCircus EntranceCircusmap
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Other locations:

Gatewater Imperial Hotel[]

Engarde's hotel roomHallway (Gatewater Imperial Hotel)Corrida's hotel roomViola HallHotel LobbyGatewaterimperial
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Trés Bien[]

Tres Bien Map

Eagle Mountain[]

Hazakura TempleHeavenly HallInner TempleDusky BridgeHazakura area
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Gatewater Land[]

Gatewater Land main gateHaunted houseStadiumWild, Wild WestGatewater
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Cohdopian Embassy[]

Ambassador's OfficeSecretariat's officeTheatrum NeutralisCodophian Embassy
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Other locations:

Detention Center[]

Partial Map:


Not shown: Visitor's room

Prison (Los Angeles)[]


Sunshine Harbor[]

Contains the Grand Tower and Sunshine Coliseum.

Sunshine Harbor map