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This page contains a list of profiles in the court record for each trial in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

English Turnabout[]

Espella hypno mugshot.png Espella Cantabella
The defendant. Student at Owl Cote School. Pleads guilty.

Darklaw mugshot 1.png Darklaw
My client and Espella's teacher at Owl Cote School for Young Women.

Johnny Smiles mugshot.png Johnny Smiles
"Expert" security guard. Saw the incident in the cargo hold while doing the rounds.

Olivia Aldente mugshot.png Olivia Aldente
Freighter staff. Got hit on the head while trying to seize the defendant.

The Fire Witch[]

Espella mugshot.png Espella Cantabella
The defendant. Accused of witchcraft and killing two men with a fire spell.

Robbs and Muggs mugshot.png Robbs and Muggs
The two victims, killed with magic when threatening the defendant.

Knights mugshot.png Knightle
A witness. Passionate about becoming a knight. Currently unemployed.

Mary mugshot.png Mary
A witness. Owner of a farm near the market. Seems to have a fixation with goat's milk.

Kira mugshot 1.pngKira mugshot 2.png Kira
A witness. Flower girl, who thinks only about leaving the court ASAP to sell her flowers.
↳A witness. Flower girl, who usually wears glasses, but lost them somewhere.

Wordsmith mugshot.png Wordsmith
A witness. Mysterious old guy, totally detached from reality.

Emeer mugshot 1.png Some Guy
The forgotten fifth witness. Suddenly barged in and decided to testify.
↳The forgotten fifth witness. No one seems to know it, but his name's Emeer.

The Golden Court[]

The Final Witch Trial, The Last Inquisitor, The First Story[]