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Little Thief

The Little Thief device.

Little Thief is a simulation device owned by Kay Faraday that allows her to re-create and investigate a crime scene, even when she doesn't have access to the real thing, by entering data such as blueprints, police reports, testimonies, people, weapons, and other conditions related to the crime in question. The projections produced have a green tint to them. Kay Faraday's father, Byrne Faraday, was the original owner of Little Thief. He used it during his time as a part of the Yatagarasu to plan his thefts by working out where a target's security systems were in order to evade or deactivate them. The device is introduced along with Kay in The Kidnapped Turnabout.


A Little Thief crime scene recreation.

In Gyakuten Kenji 2, Little Thief can recreate the crime scene at multiple moments in time. Switching between times is done by talking to Kay during the investigation. Graphical changes are present as well. The Re-Creation has horizontal lines of a darker color, as well as small static in some places. Also, when making or changing recreations, Little Thief emits hologram displays, and when setting full size, shows a ring of displays (As opposed to an inverted pyramid).

List of areas re-created Edit

Episode Location
The Kidnapped Turnabout Stadium
Haunted house
Turnabout Ablaze Secretariat's office
The Imprisoned Turnabout Prison courtyard
The Inherited Turnabout Autumn Palace
The Grand Turnabout Outside Grand Tower


In the Japanese version it is called "Nusumi-chan". "Nusumi" translates as "thief", while "-chan" is a diminutive suffix, used as a Japanese honorific, that expresses that the speaker finds a person endearing. Thus the name has a roughly similar meaning to the English version.

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