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Phoenix Wright
The Ringmaster's body was found here. I heard that the way he fell over made him look like he was carrying a wooden box... But what really happened here?

The lodging house plaza is the vicinity of the entrance to the Berry Big Circus lodging house, which houses the circus's performers including Moe on the first floor and Acro on the third. Russell Berry, the ringmaster, was murdered here. Safety lights, which are kept on all night, are positioned around the circus, including the plaza. Other notable objects include the condenser for the lodging house's air conditioner - which Phoenix Wright believed to have not been used for some time owing to the amount of snow piled on top of it - and a number of nondescript objects underneath a blue tarp.

Murder of the ringmasterEdit

Main article: Turnabout Big Top

When Berry was murdered, Max Galactica was accused of the crime and Phoenix Wright became his defense attorney. He came to the plaza during his investigation and encountered a tired Detective Dick Gumshoe, who gave him some valuable information and, accidentally, the location of an eyewitness. After said witness gave some shocking testimony, prosecutor Franziska von Karma returned to the lodging house to investigate the crime scene, and Acro's Room in particular.

Crime sceneEdit

The murder had occurred during a period of snowfall, so the only place in the plaza in which the snow had been disturbed was in the center of the area. This was where Berry had been hit on the back of the head with a bust of Max Galactica, killing him. There were also multiple footprints, although these were all (aside from the victim's) from the police investigating the crime scene. Detective Dick Gumshoe also slipped and fell during the police investigation, much to the amusement of his colleagues, apart from Franziska von Karma who responded with a whipping. Gumshoe noted that he was thankful that the snow was there to reduce the swelling.

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