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Miles Edgeworth
By finding the connection between two pieces of information and connecting them, new information is born. That is the end result of using Logic.
Logic Piece (HD)

An example of a Logic piece.

Logic is a gameplay feature in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit, used by Miles Edgeworth and Gregory Edgeworth. It was conceived as a representation of Miles Edgeworth's calm, collected way of thinking,[1] in contrast to Phoenix Wright's more on-the-fly deductions.

Consequently, "logic" does not rely on a physical item that must be "presented", in contrast to Wright's magatama and Apollo Justice's bracelet. During in-game narration, bits of information that will be used in the Logic panel are represented by green text. Green text also appears in Mind Chess.

Gameplay mechanics[]


Connecting Logic.


Edgeworth touching his temple, ready to use logic.

During an investigation, Edgeworth collects various pieces of information, which he can use to try to piece together the events of the crime that he is investigating. By pressing the "Logic" button (L), a "logic panel" is displayed. Inside the panel, Edgeworth can select two pieces of information and press a "Connect" button (X) to try to form a conclusion from the two pieces of information. If combined correctly, the pieces disappear, and the screen is filled with a flash. Doing this will usually update the information on a piece of evidence or give birth to a new piece of logic. If Edgeworth connects information incorrectly, the two pieces move away from each other, and he suffers a penalty.

Once in each episode of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Edgeworth gets an epiphany in which he reflects on several past statements, and converts them into logic pieces all at once. He must then piece all of the logic pieces together to reach a decisive conclusion about his case. In Prosecutor's Gambit, this only occurs in The Inherited Turnabout, once for Edgeworth, and once for his father.


Gregory Edgeworth Logic

Gregory Edgeworth touching his chin, ready to use logic.

  • If Logic is used in Turnabout Ablaze after Manny Coachen's body is taken for autopsy, the background of the Logic menu shows his body despite the fact that it is no longer there.


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