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Lordly Tailor
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Lordly Tailor Symbol.PNG
Organization info
Organization type Department store
Organizational structure Current staff:
Affiliated groups Atmey Detective Agency (hired security)
Established 1818
Status Active
Area info
Entrance Main Exhibition Hall
Enter from Wright & Co. Law Offices
Atmey Detective Agency
KB Security
Relevant cases The Stolen Turnabout
Adrian Andrews
The works on display in the main exhibition hall are worthy of the finest museums.

Lordly Tailor is the fanciest and most expensive department store in all of Los Angeles. It has been in existence since 1818.[1] It was the home of the Treasures of Kurain exhibit, featuring the Sacred Urn of Kurain Village. The department store consists of at least 12 floors, with the 12th one having a restaurant.

The exhibit[]

Main article: The Stolen Turnabout

Poster for the "Treasures of Kurain" exhibit.

Adrian Andrews is the only known employee of Lordly Tailor. Luke Atmey and guards from KB Security were hired as security for the exhibit and the Basement Warehouse.


  • The name could come from Lord and Taylor, the oldest upscale, specialty-retail department store chain in the United States. "Lordly Tailor" itself is a combination of "lordly" and "tailor". This would make the department store literally "a tailor suitable for a lord".
  • In the French language version of the game, the name of this department store is "Galeries de France", which translates as "Gallery of France".


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