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The city skyline.

Los Angeles (Spanish for "The Angels") is a city in the United States. It is a large city with much commercial activity. Among the many businesses operating in or near the city are Berry Big Circus, the Gatewater Group, Global Studios, KB Security, Lordly Tailor, Shipshape Aquarium, Sprocket Aviation, Worldwide Studios, and the Wright Anything Agency. Los Angeles is also home to GYAXA and Hope Springs Airport. Public areas include Gourd Lake and People Park. The city is also home to renowned Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.

Japanese culture is prominent both in the city and nearby, in various forms. Traditional Japanese entertainment such as rakugo storytelling are popular. Gangs and mob families here typically have their origins in the East, and are influenced by the yakuza, such as the Kitaki family. Nine-Tails Vale is a nearby village that was founded by Japanese immigrants and has its own isolated culture based around yokai. Additionally, the Fey clan has a culture heavily influenced by Japan due to initially migrating there from Khura'in. This clan, until recently, mostly resided in Kurain Village, though Bikini and Iris live in Hazakura Temple on Eagle Mountain.


  • The localization of the games adapts the story to take place in an alternate-universe Los Angeles in which Japanese culture has been allowed to flourish and blend into American culture, instead of being met with fierce historical resistance as in real life.[1] Although elements of east Asian culture such as Japanese restaurants and Japanophilic fandoms are a common sight in North American cities in the real-life 2010s period as well as in-game, this was not the case in the mid-to-late aughts when the original trilogy was released outside of Japan. The setting for the original Japanese language version of the games is a generic, unnamed city in Japan.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice was the first Ace Attorney game to explicitly mention Los Angeles as the franchise's home setting in the localization. The games being set in Los Angeles was, previously, only mentioned by staff out-of-universe, and very vaguely inferred by in game information (e.g., the time difference issue in The First Turnabout) and dialogue (Jake Marshall being stated to be from "West LA").
  • A popular fandom name for the setting is "Japanifornia" (a portmanteau of "Japan" and "California", with the latter being the US state in which Los Angeles is located). Janet Hsu, the English localization director for the majority of the Ace Attorney games, even referenced the name in one of their blog posts about the series' localization.[1]


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