A photo taken by Lotta Hart was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into Jill Crane's murder.

Jill Crane's murder[edit | edit source]

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While hiding out in the 51st floor storeroom to get a scoop of the black market auctions, Hart heard a commotion from behind the Alif Red statue. As soon as it died down, she peeked out and took a photo of a person in a red raincoat, believing it to be someone's killer. In the process, an eye from a Lion Balloon was also caught in the picture.

Later, Edgeworth received the photo from Hart. He later used it to show Justine Courtney that the murder took place in the storeroom. It was eventually revealed during the investigation that Hart had actually caught a picture of the dying victim in the raincoat.

Di-Jun Huang's murder[edit | edit source]

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The photo later reappeared during the investigation into Di-Jun Huang's murder, where Hart used it to prove that Moozilla existed due to the eye that appeared behind the blinds in the upper-left corner of the picture. Edgeworth eventually discovered that the eye was in fact part of the lion balloon that had brought Kay Faraday to the Grand Tower's rooftop. This eventually allowed Edgeworth to deduce the identity of the mastermind behind the recent cases.

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A photo taken just after the crime.
It was taken by Lotta, who had snuck into the storeroom on the 51st floor.
After the Conductor and another person entered the storeroom, one of them suddenly started screaming.

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