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I'm Vigilante number two! My Lottalance!

Lottalance is one of the guards who keep watch over Labyrinthia's Bell Tower who are known as the Vigilantes.


  • His name is derived from that of the Arthurian knight Lancelot in all language versions except French and Italian; "Ronsuratto" (Japanese; the transliteration of "Lancelot" being "Ransurotto"), "Lottalance" (English and Dutch), "Lonzelat" (German), and "Lanzalot" (Spanish).
  • "Lambert", his name in the French version, ultimately comes from the Old High German words "lant" (land) and "beraht" (bright).
  • "Piccardo", his name in the Italian localization, is a surname ultimately derived from the old French word "pic", meaning "pike", a type of spear.

"Pleeeeease! Expand meeeeee!"
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