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|affiliates = '''[[Ron DeLite]]''' (Victim of Atmey's blackmail)<br> '''[[Adrian Andrews]]''' (Client)
|affiliates = '''[[Ron DeLite]]''' (Victim of Atmey's blackmail)<br> '''[[Adrian Andrews]]''' (Client)
|debut = ''[[The Stolen Turnabout]]''
|debut = ''[[The Stolen Turnabout]]''
|theme = ''Luke Atmey ~ I Just Want Love''}}
{{quote||Zvarri! The truth has once again been elegantly revealed to me!|'''[[Luke Atmey]]'''|''[[The Stolen Turnabout]]''}}
{{quote||Zvarri! The truth has once again been elegantly revealed to me!|'''[[Luke Atmey]]'''|''[[The Stolen Turnabout]]''}}

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Zvarri! The truth has once again been elegantly revealed to me!
Luke Atmey

Luke Atmey was a witness to the theft of the Kurain sacred urn and the murder of Kane Bullard. He was an egotistical character who called himself an "Ace Detective". His archenemy was the notorious thief Mask☆DeMasque.


When Mask☆DeMasque stole the Tear of Emanon, Atmey figured out that the thief's real identity was Ron DeLite. He sent a letter to DeLite, telling him to give the Tear to him in exchange for money lest he be caught. Atmey began to blackmail DeLite into stealing three more items for him in exchange for money. Atmey gave DeLite plans and instructions to help him steal the items. On the third planned heist, Atmey "retrieved" the item in question and received a red jewel from the museum in return.

One day, Kane Bullard found out about Atmey's secret and began blackmailing him, threatening to expose the secret to the press. Atmey decided to take matters into his own hands and kill Bullard, using one final blackmail letter to lure DeLite in to take the fall for him. In order to secure an alibi for himself, Atmey faked video evidence of Mask☆DeMasque - who was really Atmey pretending to be him - stealing a valuable urn belonging to the Fey clan on the night of the murder.

DeLite turned himself in for the thefts in order to prevent himself from being implicated for the murder. When the trial for DeLite's supposed theft of the urn started, Atmey used the forged evidence to trick DeLite's attorney, Phoenix Wright, into implicating Atmey for the thefts. If Atmey was tried for the crime and declared guilty, he would be determined to be not guilty of the murder by his alibi, thus making it impossible for him to be charged for the murder under the law of double jeopardy. However, during DeLite's subsequent trial for the murder, Wright uncovered this plot and successfully pinned the murder on Atmey before he was formally found guilty for the Mask☆DeMasque crimes.


  • Luke Atmey is a pun off of "look at me", which suits him well since all he wants in life is to be famous. His Japanese name comes from the phrase "ai ga hoshii dake", meaning "I just want love".
  • He often exclaims the word "Zvarri" (Zuvarri in Japanese).
  • He has a magnifying glass that doubles as the monocle he wears.
  • "Matt Moissat" comes from "Mates-moi ça", which means "Look at this."
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