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Luke Triton
I'm Luke Triton. My occupation is... the professor's apprentice!

Luke Triton is the self-proclaimed apprentice of Professor Layton and follows him everywhere to assist him during his investigations.

Early life[]

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Adventures in Labyrinthia[]

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Triton is an eager, kind, and inquisitive assistant to Layton, although his young age means that he is often impulsive and short-tempered, which conflicts with his desire to be a gentleman like Layton, whom he idolizes. He is occasionally prone to giving cheeky remarks, which typically leads to a scolding from his mentor. In addition to his ability to speak with animals, Triton has a legendary appetite, adores teddy bears, and (much like his mentor) has a talent for puzzle-solving. He is very defensive of his title as Layton's apprentice, especially when others question it.


"Triton" may have been chosen in reference to Neptune's moon Triton. If so, then Layton's given name "Hershel", may have been chosen for John Herschel, an English astronomer who wrote to William Lassell after Neptune's discovery to suggest that he search for possible moons. Lassell did so and discovered Triton. If so, this would link both Triton and Layton's names.

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