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MC Bomber is a computer virus created by Glen Elg for the sole purpose of paying off his debt to Furio Tigre. It was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into Elg's murder.

Elg's debt and death[]

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Suffering from a serious gambling problem, Glen Elg soon found himself borrowing $50,000 from the loan shark Furio Tigre, which quickly ballooned to $100,000 due to Tigre's high interest rates. In order to pay off this huge debt, Elg programmed MC Bomber to use as collateral. Unbeknownst to Elg, Tigre had debts of his own amounting to $1 million, and so was depending on the programmer being unable to pay off his debts, leaving him with no recourse but to give him the virus, which would fetch several million dollars on the black market.

Unfortunately for Tigre, Elg miraculously won $500,000 in a lottery during their meeting at Trés Bien, meaning that he could pay off his own debt without having to hand over the virus. Desperate for MC Bomber in order to pay off his own debts, Tigre killed Elg by poisoning his coffee with potassium cyanide and framing Maggey Byrde, the restaurant's waitress, for the crime. He then posed as the famous defense attorney Phoenix Wright, took on Byrde's case, and intentionally lost in court. Luckily for Byrde, the real Wright found out about a trial he had no memory of being in and appealed the case. During his investigation, Wright found the MC Bomber virus at Tigre's loan company, which helped him piece together what had really happened. He was eventually able to clear Byrde's name and prove that Tigre was the true culprit.

However, the virus had already been sold and purchased by a group of criminals. They threatened to release it if the law enforcement leaders did not give into their demands. MC Bomber caused trouble for every public office in the city, including the Criminal Affairs Department.


  • The virus's name in the original Japanese version translates as "Cleaning Bomber".
  • Its English name comes from the American rapper MC Hammer. This is emphasized by it being initially thought to be a music disc and that Maya Fey refers to it as "MC Screwdriver" and "MC Hacksaw".