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Maya Fey
This jewel... This is called a Magatama. It's a magical charm and it's always protected me..

The magatama is a sacred charm given to Phoenix Wright by his assistant Maya Fey and given spiritual power by Pearl Fey in 2017 and 2027. Wright kept the magatama with him from that point on, losing it only once to date. Miles Edgeworth borrowed the magatama when he filled in for Wright as a defense attorney in Bridge to the Turnabout.

Maya remained unaware of what the magatama was able to do after Pearl charged it with spiritual energy until Oct. 2018. This was mostly because of her absence from the two previous cases in which Wright used it, having been detained and kidnapped, respectively. Although Wright did use the magatama during his investigation with Maya at the Berry Big Circus, he neglected to inform her of the Psyche-Locks that it caused to appear.

Magatamas are mostly known of and owned by the Fey clan, although occult enthusiasts seem to know of them as well. On the other hand, Dick Gumshoe believed that a magatama was candy due to its slight translucence and smooth texture, and thus tried to eat it on several occasions.


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Andrews lock

One Psyche-Lock, the minimum number that can appear.

Matt engarde locks

Five Psyche-Locks, the most that can appear at once.

The magatama has the special ability to allow its possessor to see Psyche-Locks, which appear when someone is hiding information from the user. When used during an Investigation, after presenting the magatama to someone, the user can proceed to break the person's Psyche-Locks, using evidence to piece together a portion of the secret being hidden. More deeply buried secrets have more Psyche-Locks on them, which usually means that they are tougher to unlock. Once all of one's Psyche-Locks are broken, that person will finally admit to the truth and will reveal his or her secret in full, elaborating on what he or she knows about the subject in question. This information could be in the form of evidence or dialogue, and it is often helpful in court. Red Psyche-Locks are usually broken in this manner, with some exceptions.

Magatama uncharged DD

Wright's magatama eventually ran out of spiritual energy.

Wright's magatama needed to be "recharged" roughly ten years after it was first imbued with spiritual energy.

The rarer black Psyche-Locks are more difficult to break. Only two people, Kristoph Gavin and Athena Cykes, are known to have had black Psyche-Locks, and they are not broken through normal means. Instead, the black Psyche-Locks represent a subconscious secret, and forceful attempts to remove them can cause permanent damage to a person's soul. The black Psyche-Locks appear in times of extreme trauma or simply due to sheer paranoia. Kristoph Gavin never had his broken, while Athena Cykes's locks were broken by determining that she had stabbed her mother's killer, and not her mother, as she had previously thought.

Other magatamas[]

Magatamas are often worn by members of the Fey family, although unless charged with spiritual energy, they seem to have no functional purpose. The people known to have magatamas have different colors of magatamas as follows:

  • Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth: green (originally belonged to Maya Fey but given to Wright, then temporarily lent to Edgeworth)
  • Maya Fey: orange (she presumably had this one as well as the green one she gave to Wright)
  • Mia Fey: white/blue (white for sprites, blue for official artwork, and alternates between the two for other in-game images such as cutscenes)
  • Pearl Fey: aqua
  • Iris: violet
  • Bikini: pink

Morgan Fey was not shown to have a magatama. Misty Fey had a magatama according to Godot's recollection of her death. Apparently, Ami Fey also wore a magatama whilst alive, as depicted on her golden statue.

Temple Hall

The "Lesser Magatama".

There is a giant magatama known as the "Lesser Magatama" in the Main Hall of Hazakura Temple. Supposedly, there is a "Greater Magatama" in Fey Manor that was supposed to be on display at the Kurain Village exhibit at Lordly Tailor, but it was too big to fit through the door.

Blue magatama

The magatama made of blue flames formed by the furious spirit of Dahlia Hawthorne.

When the furious spirit of Dahlia Hawthorne was forced from Maya's body, she turned into eleven blue flames which formed a magatama before disappearing.

In the Kingdom of Khura'in, some citizens wear green-colored magatamas, although these are shaped slightly differently from their Kurain counterparts. Although only one magatama is normally worn around the neck, Queen Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in wore five magatamas on a necklace while in her prosecutor clothing.

Magatama of Parting[]

Magatama of Parting

A Magatama of Parting.

A Magatama of Parting is a special variant of magatama from the Kingdom of Khura'in, which is used to remove a spirit from the body of a medium channeling it, even without the spirit's consent. The Magatama of Parting appears pale brown when uncharged and glows red when charged with spiritual energy. A Magatama of Parting appears to expend a larger amount of spiritual energy than a regular magatama when used, as both times they were seen in use, they were shown to be fully depleted afterwards. It is not known if a Magatama of Parting can be recharged.

In-game mechanics[]

The gameplay articles on this wiki describe game controls in universal terms. This means that some of the controls may not be relevant to the medium through which you are playing the Ace Attorney games. Mentions of the touchscreen refer to the touchscreen functionality on the Nintendo DS and the iOS. "X", "Y", "L", "R", "Select" and "Start" refer to buttons on the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS. The "+" and "-" buttons refer to the small buttons in the middle of the Wii Remote.

In the original Phoenix Wright trilogy, the magatama is stored in the court record, where it is accessed and used by presenting it like any other piece of evidence. If the character to whom the player is talking has a Psyche-Lock on one of their subjects of conversation (under the "Talk" menu), the user will initiate the lock-breaking process by yelling, "Take that!". In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, the user instead presses a magatama button (X) in the "Talk" menu to initiate the lock-breaking process.

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