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Colias Palaeno
It's been 10 years. Manny recovered personally from that case, and dove enthusiastically into this job. He was the one who planned this event, and was to oversee this embassy's renovations. It really is a shame. He had such a bright future ahead of him.

Manny Coachen was secretary to Colias Palaeno, the Babahlese ambassador to the United States. Although he was the prime suspect in the KG-8 Incident, he was acquitted under suspicious circumstances. Ten years after the KG-8 Incident, Coachen was found murdered in the Cohdopian Embassy.

The KG-8 Incident[]

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Lobby Manny

Arriving to murder Cece Yew.

For at least ten years, Coachen worked under the Cohdopian ambassador to the United States, Quercus Alba, as part of his secret criminal syndicate, helping with his counterfeiting and smuggling operations. One day, he was instructed to kill an employee of the allied Amano Group in order to keep her from testifying against the corporation. Coachen was arrested and tried for the crime, but agents of the Amano Group stole the evidence required to convict him, so he was acquitted. Coachen also kept in contact with a spy planted at the trial, who ended up joining Byrne Faraday and Tyrell Badd to form the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Three years later, Coachen observed a trial after which the spy was found out and forced to escape.

Working at the embassy[]

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When Cohdopia divided into two countries, Coachen began to work for Colias Palaeno, ambassador of Babahl, while Alba retained his ambassador's position in Allebahst. When reunification plans for Allebahst and Babahl were discussed, Coachen saw this as his chance to usurp Alba as the smuggling ring's leader. To this end, he enlisted Ka-Shi Nou to break into the Allebahstian embassy and steal Allebahst's Primidux Statue. The idea was to swap it with a fake, so that when the two countries became Cohdopia again, Palaeno would be made ambassador, removing Alba's authority and extraterritorial rights.

However, Alba got wind of this plan. On the night of a goodwill event at the embassy, Alba murdered Coachen with a knife in the Theatrum Neutralis, and moved his body into Coachen's office, in order to throw suspicion off of himself. Ironically, Alba's plan, intended to strengthen his position as the smuggling ring's leader, would lead to its destruction, as he would be apprehended by the American authorities for the murder.


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Coachen was effectively the second-in-command in the Cohdopian smuggling ring, owing to his position in the Babahlese embassy. Overall, he was a very greedy and treacherous individual. His greed led him to hiding some art pieces in his safe, as well as attempting to betray his master.


  • Japanese/English - Manī Kōchin (マニィコーチン)/Manny Coachen:
    • "Manī/Manny" (a diminutive of the male given name Emmanuel) may be a play on "money", in reference to his involvement in counterfeiting with the smuggling ring. Alternatively, it could come from "manny", which is an informal term for a male nanny; this could be in reference to his work under the slightly naive Colias Palaeno.
    • "Kōchin/Coachen" may be a play on "coaching", in reference to his job as Palaeno's secretary.
  • French (Unofficial) - Jean Questou:
  • His name is a play on the phrase "j'encaisse tout" which means "I endure everything", in reference to the fact that he has been used as a puppet several times throughout his career and had to face the consequences all by himself, which ultimately led to his death.