Manny Coachen was the secretary to a foreign embassy and the prime suspect of the KG-8 Incident who was murdered ten years later at the embassy he was working at.


For 10 years, Coachen worked under the Cordopian ambassador Carnage Onred as part of his criminal syndicate, helping with his counterfeiting and smuggling operations. One day, he was instructed to kill a fellow employee to keep her from revealing this to the authorities. He was arrested and tried for the crime, but due to the lack of evidence (it was stolen by an employee of Jouichirou Amanogawa at Onred's request.), he was acquitted and free to go.

When Cordopia divided into two countries, Coachen began to work for Damien Hinge, Ambassador of Babaru, to gain power over Onred, who represents Arebast.

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