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Manov Mistree
I'm about to hide in the coffin, which Trucy will stab with her rubber sword. And when the coffin opens -- ho ho! I will be in it, acting as though I've met my maker! Can you imagine the look on Trucy's face then! Ho ho, I can hardly WAIT!

Manov Mistree was a magician also known by his stage name, "The Great Mr. Reus". He was killed during a dress rehearsal of the magic show "Trucy in Gramarye-Land", in which he appeared alongside Trucy Wright.

From fan to successor[]

Mistree's inspiration for becoming a magician: Roger Retinz, a.k.a. "The Great Mr. Reus".

Mistree was a great fan of the magician Mr. Reus, who had been a member of Troupe Gramarye until his dismissal following an accident. Aspiring to become a magician himself, Mistree met the television producer Roger Retinz on one of his shows and learned that Retinz himself was the magician he idolized, having abandoned the name Mr. Reus after his removal from the Troupe. Retinz offered to train Mistree as a magician, teaching him his magic tricks and acting as his producer; thus, Mistree became the second Mr. Reus, with the public being unaware of the fact that he was not the same person as the original.


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Mistree and Trucy Wright on a promotional poster for "Trucy in Gramarye-Land".

Two years later, Trucy Wright, the granddaughter of Troupe Gramarye's founder and sole heir to the Troupe's magic tricks, was set to make her television debut in the magic show "Trucy in Gramarye-Land". Mistree was chosen to appear as her co-star in the show, along with the twin sisters Bonny and Betty de Famme, with Retinz acting as the show's producter.

Unbeknownst to Wright, Retinz asked Mistree, Bonny, and Betty to participate in a prank on her during the show's dress rehearsal at the Penrose Theater. One scene in the show involved Wright stabbing a rubber sword into an empty coffin in the middle of the stage; Mistree was to climb into the coffin from the understage area beforehand, so that when Wright thrust her sword inside and subsequently removed the lid, he would fall out and pretend to be dead as a result of the stabbing. Once Wright panicked, Betty would use a remote control to activate the pulley attached to the wire around Mistree's waist, causing him to "come back to life" and fly into the air, and leading everyone to have a laugh at Wright's expense.

Being pulled into the sword planted by Retinz in the catwalk.

However, the truth was that Retinz had planned the prank with much darker intentions in mind – once Mistree was pulled upwards, he would be fatally stabbed by a sword Retinz had secretly planted in the catwalk above the stage. Retinz's intentions were to frame Wright for the murder in revenge for Troupe Gramarye having ousted him years before. His plan worked as intended, with Mistree being killed and Wright arrested for the crime, but Wright's defense attorney Apollo Justice managed to prove that Retinz had committed the murder, bringing him to justice.



Little is known about Mistree in terms of personality, but it is clear that he greatly admired Retinz as a magician. In the video he recorded shortly before his death, he came across as somewhat mischievous, but it's hard to say whether he held any true malice towards Trucy as Retinz did, or simply participated in the prank as a good-natured joke.


Mr. Reus's insignia.

  • His Japanese stage name comes from the word "Menyō" (面妖), meaning "strange" or "suspicious." His insignia appears to be modeled after the first kanji that makes up the word.
  • His Japanese real name comes from "fushigi na hito" (不思議な人), which means "a strange person."
  • His English stage name, "Mr. Reus", is a play on "mysterious". It also may be a play on the word "Ruse" meaning to trick/deceive someone.
  • His English real name is a play on "man of mystery".