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Maria Gorey
We open up the dead to find the truth.

Doctor Maria Gorey is a coroner of Scotland Yard, working at the forefront of forensic science with her mother Courtney Sithe.

Early Life[]

Maria Gorey was born an only child. Due to the family's unusual circumstances, Gorey and Sithe have different last names. She loved to hear her mother talk about autopsies, and rumor has it she grew up with funeral songs as her lullabies.

Murder at the Great Exhibition[]

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When Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba visit Courtney Sithe about Odie Asman, she confirms that the one on the Albert Harebrayne's stage and the one that appeared at the Crystal Tower were the same due to fingerprints. That was when Maria Gorey appeared wearing her plague mask. Not realizing both were still alive, she made motions to begin autopsying them, but lost interest upon discovering her mistake.

Helping the Heroes[]

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The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo

Maria Gorey was the coroner who wrote the autopsy of Detective Tobias Gregson, who was killed by Seishiro Jigoku. But she noticed that the fish and chips in his coat pocket were moldy meaning that the body was tampered with, this was Jigoku's mistake, he froze the body but the food fell out. As a result, she realized she could not determine time of death with the technology available to her. However, when she told Mael Stronghart about this, the chief justice forced her to leave the time of death blank.

During their second investigation into Gregson's death, Ryunosuke, Susato, and Iris Wilson visited the Forensics Laboratory to question Maria about the Autopsy Report's lack of a time-of-death. When Ryunosuke points out that Maria will go out the same way as her mother if she continues following Stronghart's orders, she quickly writes out "Indeterminate" in the autopsy report, since she can't determine the time of death. While giving them more information on Sithe's autopsy on both the Professor and Klint Van Zieks, Maria and the others realize that the records for the autopsy have been stolen! She then recognizes that Iris has been here before, because she and Herlock Sholmes have visited this place 2 years earlier to talk about the Professor case as well. After Iris leaves in a suspiciously quick manner, Maria thanks Ryunosuke and Susato for coming, and that it was fun to have visitors after a while.

2 days later, after Jigoku was revealed to be the true killer of Gregson, Maria and Yujin Mikotoba, who also worked on Klint's autopsy, were summoned as a witness to tesitify about said autopsy. Maria was also summoned since she heard the story of the autopsy from her mother. She revealed that she took Genshin Asogi's ring from the evidence room in order to help the heroes in their quest for the truth on the Professor Killings. She knew that it was unnatural for the ring, which had very sharp claws, to not inflict internal wounds in Klint's body if he swallowed it following his fight with Genshin. It was ultimately revealed that John Wilson, the head coroner of Klint's death, placed the ring in the prosecutor's stomach and pretended to find it inside of him. Although Stronghart, who was the new judge of the trial, informed Maria that she will be punished for stealing said ring, she wasn't bothered by it, as she found her resolve to not be like her mother and hide dangerous secrets, instead choosing to find the truth.

Later, when the trial finally concluded, Maria visited her mother in prison. She was curious about if Japanese people were truly good at filleting corpses, which Sithe agreed too, albeit fish corpses at that. Maria then expressed her gratitude that her mother wasn't dead yet.

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Most of Maria Gorey's core personality is shaped on her respect of her mother, a legendary English coroner. According to Barry Caidin, Gorey enjoys waving her lancet around to imitate her mother. She would choose the same career path after watching her mother labor over the murder victims and hearing her mother talk about stories about her autopsies. She has a rather morbid fascination with anatomy, desiring to autopsy varied ethnicities to see how they differ from each other, and is uninterested in talking with the living outside the context of her job. Despite her dark behavior, she is not a malevolent person and wishes to do her part in the justice system to the best of her ability.

Gorey is often depicted wearing a plague doctor mask as part of her attire (even outside of her normal work), but she will take it off when she is being cooperative with others. During uncomfortable times, she will put it back on to hide her face.

After her mother's arrest, Gorey held a small grudge against Naruhodo for his role in part of her arrest. However, she later acknowledged that her mother's corruption led her down a bad path and was willing to support the defense in the final case despite potential backlash.


  • Her Japanese surname "Goulloyne" comes from guroi ne (グロいね), "grotesque, isn't it?".
  • Her English surname is a play on "gory".
  • "Maria" could be a reference to "Bloody Mary", a derogatory nickname for Queen Mary I of England.