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Doctor Maria Goulloyne is a coroner of Scotland Yard, working at the forefront of forensic science with her mother Courtney Sithe.

Early LifeEdit

Maria Goulloyne was born an only child. The family has some unusual circumstances, that's why Goulloyne and Sithe have different last names. She loved hear her mother talk about autopsies, rumor has it she grew up with funeral songs as her lullabies.

Murder at the World's Fair Edit

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When Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Susato Mikotoba visit Courtney Sithe about Elyder Meningen. She confirms that the one on the Benjamin Dobinbough's stage and the one that appeared at the Crystal Tower were the same due to fingerprints. That was when Maria Goulloyne appeared wearing her plague mask. Not realizing both were still alive, she made motions to begin autopsying them, but lost interest upon discovering her mistake.

Helping the Heroes Edit

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The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke

Maria Goulloyne was the coroner who wrote the autopsy of Detective Tobias Gregson, who was killed by Seishirou Jigoku. But she noticed that the fish and chips in his coat pocket were moldy meaning that the body was tampered with, this was Jigoku's mistake, he froze the body but the food fell out. As a result, she realized she could not determine time of death with the technology available to her. However, when she told Hart Vortex about this, the chief justice forced her to leave the time of death blank.

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According to Harry Barricade, Maria Goulloyne enjoys waving her lancet around to imitate her mother. She would choose the same path after watching her mother labor over the murder victims, Goulloyne deeply respects Courtney Sithe. She has a rather morbid fascination with anatomy, desiring to autopsy varied ethnicities to see how they differ from each other, and is uninterested in talking with the living outside the context of her job. Despite her dark behavior, she is not a malevolent person and wishes to do her part in the justice system to the best of her ability. Despite her love for her mother, Goullyne also acknowledged that her corruption led her down a bad path and did not hold a grudge towards Naruhodo for her arrest.

Name Edit

  • Goulloyne comes from guroi ne (グロいね), “grotesque, isn’t it?”.
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