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Neil Marshall.

Jake mugshot

Jake Marshall.

Marshall is a family surname which may refer to:

  • Neil Marshall (former prosecutor, now deceased, younger brother of Jake).


  • "Marshall" is an English and Scottish surname. Originally it was meant as either a status surname for someone in charge of the horses belonging to a royal household, or as an occupational surname for someone who looked after horses, or was responsible for the custody of prisoners. This does fit with the character of both brothers, since both wear stereotypical cowboy clothing which is usually associated with horses, and their jobs involve detaining criminals. It is also similar to the word "marshal" and is pronounced identically. "Jake Marshall" and "Neil Marshall" could also be plays on "fake marshal" and "real marshal" respectively.
  • The kanji in the brothers' original Japanese surname, "Zaimon" (罪門), mean "sin" and "gate". The development team claim that it fits well with Damon Gant's name.

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