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Mary is a rather eccentric woman obsessed with goats and their milk. She sells goat's milk in Labyrinthia and always carries a little goat called Snowy around with her. Mary was one of the witnesses in the first witch trial of Espella Cantabella.

At the parade[]

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At some point Mary signed a contract with Labrelum Inc. in order to have her memories suppressed and live a new life as a goat's milk seller in Labyrinthia.

One day, while awaiting the Storyteller's parade in North Parade Avenue, Mary encountered Hershel Layton and Luke Triton, and was shocked that they did not seem to know the purpose of the occasion. After reading the Storyteller's story about a crime of witchcraft that was due to take place, Mary panicked and headed back to her market stall.

Espella's trial[]

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The following evening, Mary stumbled across a crime scene along the forest path where the thugs Robbs and Muggs were seemingly killed by an Ignaize spell cast by Espella Cantabella, which matched the story told the day before. Upon seeing a bucket of goat's milk near Cantabella, Mary grabbed it and took the bucket home to save the contents.

Mary later appeared with Wordsmith, Kira, and Knightle as witnesses to the crime at the Witches' Court. Together, they testified that Cantabella was the witch responsible for the crime. When Mary testified that the milk bucket was lighter than it looked, Cantabella's defender, Phoenix Wright, pointed out that she must have held the bucket some time that night. She confessed to stealing the bucket and gave it to the court as evidence. Later, when Wright asked Wordsmith about the glass of Cantabella's lamp shattering, Mary confessed that she heard the sound before the incantation of Ignaize. This led to chaos among the witnesses as they argued with each other about their testimonies until Emeer Punchenbaug appeared as a fifth witness and united them once again. When questioned about the bucket, Mary admitted that she had cleaned the mess around the outside of the bucket, but was unsure if it was mud she was cleaning off. She then confirmed with Wordsmith that there were only four witnesses at the crime scene, leading Wright and Layton to conclude that one of the individuals in front of them was the real witch and murderer, which turned out to have been Kira.

After the trial, Mary continued to sell goat's milk around town, even though she was still in shock of Kira being a witch.


Mary is very dedicated to her job, and is obsessed with goats and their milk. This was made particularly apparent when, after having witnessed an apparent murder, she was more worried about saving a bucket of goat's milk than the crime itself. She carries a goat kid named Snowy everywhere with her, often stroking and hugging him, as well as bringing him up in conversation unprompted. Sometimes these hugs can be a little too tight for Snowy's liking, whereupon he will flail wildly while letting out loud and distressed bleats.


  • Japanese - Bāsa (バーサ):
    • Her Japanese name "Bāsa" (バーサ) comes from the word "obaa-san", meaning "old woman"; this is lampshaded in in the special episode At the Market.
  • English - Mary:
    • Her English given name is a reference to the nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb". However, instead of "a little lamb" with a fleece as "white as snow" that "everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go" of the rhyme, this Mary instead has a little white goat she carries around with her (which Snowy seemingly isn't a fan of). The meaning of her name is even lampshaded in the special episode At the Market.
  • French - Marie Lagneau:
    • Her full French name, "Marie Lagneau" also comes from the same nursery rhyme; "Marie" is a cognate of "Mary", and "Lagneau" means "the lamb" in French.
  • German - Bertha McGwenny:
  • Spanish - Señora Capri:
    • Her Spanish surname, "Capri", comes from the adjective "caprino", which means "goat-like".
  • Italian - Monna Linda:
    • Her full Italian name, "Monna Linda", is a play on the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Dutch - Mary Woll:
    • Her last name in the Dutch version comes from the word "wol", meaning "wool".