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For the originator of this identity, see Ron DeLite.

Mask☆DeMasque is a famous master thief known for his flamboyant costume and habit of leaving a calling card at the scene of his heists. Although the original Mask☆DeMasque has retired from his criminal ways, copycats like Ka-Shi Nou began to appear afterwards.

The original[]

Main article: The Stolen Turnabout

Ron DeLite first donned the Mask☆DeMasque costume to steal the Tear of Emanon and sell it, having recently lost his job at KB Security. After this first heist, he discarded the costume in a trash can, then changed into a security guard uniform to pretend to be investigating the scene, but Luke Atmey found the costume and figured out the thief's true identity.

The copycat[]

Main article: Turnabout Ablaze

Due to the popularity of Mask☆DeMasque with the public at large, costumes based on the outfit of the thief were sold on the streets. One man who acquired such a costume became a copycat and was hired by Manny Coachen to infiltrate the Allebahstian side of the Cohdopian Embassy in order to steal their Primidux Statue. Unfortunately for this self-styled "Mask☆DeMasque II", he was murdered before he could perform his heist.


  • The Japanese name "怪人☆仮面マスク" (Kaijin☆Kamen Masuku) consists of "kaijin" (Japanese for "phantom"), "kamen" (Japanese for "mask"), and "masuku" (a Japanese pronunciation of the English word "mask"). Thus, the full name would translate as "Phantom☆Mask Mask".
  • "Mask☆DeMasque" uses the French word "masque", literally making it mean "Mask of Mask" if translated into English. Incidentally, "demasqué" is also French for "unmasked".
  • Mask☆DeMasque's name is the only one in the Ace Attorney series to contain a non-alphanumeric character.

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