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A master key was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Buddy Faith.

Detective Faith's murder[]

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On the night that Detective Faith was murdered, Jacques Portsman was asked to retrieve KG-8 Incident files and a videotape from Room 1202, which was occupied by Edgeworth. In order to fool Maggey Byrde into letting him into Room 1202, he moved the basketball hoop in front of his office (which had become a staple of his office) in front of Room 1202, switched the plates, and then had Byrde open "his" office door by giving an excuse that he'd left his key at home, allowing him access to Edgeworth's office. Byrde then left the key in the security guard station.

However, Tyrell Badd was also planning to break into Edgeworth's office for the same things Portsman was searching for, although for very different reasons. Not knowing that Portsman had managed to unlock the door with Byrde's unwitting help, he stole the key before Byrde could relock "Portsman's" office door. Byrde then went to fetch it to relock the door, but finding it missing, she ended up having to pretend to lock it again. After the two left, Badd entered the office. However, Edgeworth entered it while he was still searching. Badd then held a gun to his back and escaped with what he was looking for. He then returned the key afterwards.

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