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A Khura'inese newspaper from May 9, 2028 was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murders of Tahrust Inmee and Puhray Zeh'lot. Given to Wright by Maya Fey, it reports on the alleged return of Lady Kee'ra and an escaped insurgent from prison, as well as that day's weather and the conditions of the Purification Rite.


- Lady Kee'ra Returns to Battle Rebels -

The Lady Kee'ra-like figure that appeared two years ago remains a mystery. Some town elders see her as Lady Kee'ra in the flesh. Such rumors are fueling the enthusiasm for today's Purification Rite.
- Today's Purification Rite -

The thick, white ice that froze the ground from the Inner Sanctum to the Plaza of Devotion until yesterday has melted. The rite can now go on as planned. We give thanks for the blessings of the Holy Mother and Lady Kee'ra. Hap'piraki!
- Escaped Prisoner Alert! -

Police are asking the kingdom's subjects to be on the lookout for a male insurgent who escaped from Royal Penitentiary No. 4 yesterday.
- Weather Forecast -

The area around the Inner Sanctum will enjoy calm, clear skies today. The warmer temperature will make for excellent prayer weather. Be warned, however, that we will see a cold front move in overnight.

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