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A cell phone belonging to Maya Fey. The Steel Samurai phone strap hanging from it is limited edition.

Role in the Mia Fey murder investigation[]

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Eleven and a half hours before Mia Fey's death, Maya accidentally recorded a conversation with her elder sister:

Cellular: Brrring... Brrrrring... *beep*

Maya: Hello? This is Maya.

Mia: Hey Maya, it's me.

Maya: Mia! What's up? You haven't called in a while.

Mia: Sorry, I've been so busy. How you been?

Maya: Well, LONELY. And it's all YOUR fault. Nah, I'm just teasing. I've been great! I'm finally getting used to having my own place.

Mia: That's good to hear. Actually, I'm calling because I have a favor to ask.

Maya: I know, I know. You want me to hold evidence for you?

Mia: Sharp as always! There's a lot of buzz about the upcoming trial... I just don't feel safe keeping the evidence here.

Maya: I gotcha. So, what is it this time?

Mia: It's... a clock.

Maya: A clock?

Mia: Yeah, it's made to look like that statue, "The Thinker." And it tells you the time! I thought you might like it. You always liked toys.

Maya: Hey! I'm not a little girl anymore, Sis!

Mia: Now, now. You know I'm only teasing. Ah, I should probably tell you, the clock isn't talking right now.

Maya: Huh? It's not working? That's lame!

Mia: I had to take the clockwork out. Sorry. I put some papers inside it instead.

Maya: Papers? Is that the evidence, then?

Mia: Hmm, well... there's a possibility that it might turn out that way, yes. Can you come by the office tonight, say 9:00, to pick it up? I'll be in a pretrial meeting until then.

Maya: Okay, Sis, but I expect dinner! Something good! Like... burgers! I could really go for a good burger.

Mia: Okay, okay. We'll hit the usual joint.

Maya: Alright! It's a deal! Okay, Sis, see you soon!

Mia: Yep. I'll be waiting, Maya.

Cellular: *beep*

[Conversation recorded. September 5, 9:27 AM]

Unbeknown to the two sisters, this conversation was being wiretapped by April May, under orders from Redd White of Bluecorp, in an attempt to gain any information on Mia that could be used to blackmail her. However, since Mia was getting too close to unveiling White's secrets, he instead killed her with the aforementioned clock. The mentioning of the clock in the recording proved to be vital for Phoenix Wright's defense of Maya when she was accused of Mia's murder. Since no one could tell it was a clock with its clockwork removed, this confused April May's testimony in court, allowing Wright to prove that she was wiretapping Mia. This gave Wright the time he desperately needed to find out the truth about the case and have the real culprit arrested.

Calling Wright[]

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During Maggey Byrde's trial for the murder of Dustin Prince, Wright pleaded with the judge for the chance to prove that the phone in his possession actually belonged to Richard Wellington, to which the judge agreed. Remembering the business card that Byrde had given him earlier, Wright showed it to the court, pointing to the number that had been written on the back. He then asked Maya to phone the number, which she did with her own cell phone, despite not understanding his motive. The phone in Wellington's possession then began to ring. Wright explained that Wellington had attacked him earlier in the morning in order to retrieve his own cell phone, which was in Wright's possession and contained incriminating information. However, it turned out that he had accidentally taken Wright's phone instead. This proved to be the final nail in Wellington's coffin, and he broke down on the witness stand.


In the original trilogy, Maya's phone is depicted as a bar phone. However, in the anime adaptation and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, it is a flip phone instead.


The section of the recorded conversation between Mia and Maya that Wright plays in court is different from the same part in the prologue and under Maya's Cell Phone in the court record, in that some parts are missing (although this may have been deliberate on Wright's part), while others are changed (e.g., Maya never says "So you just want me to hold on to "The Thinker" for you, then?" in any version other than the version Wright plays in court).