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Channeling Chamber
Winding Way
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Phoenix Wright
Being a medium sounds like a rough way of life...

The Meditation Room is a large hall-like area in Fey Manor in Kurain Village used for spirit medium training. It was here that Phoenix Wright and Lotta Hart heard the gunshot that ended Turner Grey's life. The most noticeable feature is the large door that leads to the Channeling Chamber, where the channeling process occurs for clients. There is tempered iron in the door, making it very sturdy, and a strong lock completes the security this doorway provides. An open doorway nearby leads to the Winding Way.

A sign above the Channeling Chamber door reads "ichi-go ichi-e" (一期一会), a saying that is derived from Zen Buddhism. A literal reading of this is "one opportunity, one meeting," and in the context of a Japanese tea ceremony, it reminds participants that each meeting is unique and should be treasured. This can be extended to everyday life, as a reminder to cherish every moment.[1][2] In Kurain Village, it is used in the context of a spirit channeling in much the same way.

Other items in this room include a piece of cloth with many finely-written characters on it that appears to be a guide on the medium's way of life. One such piece of wisdom includes "100 Ways to Save Money".


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