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Prosecutorial Investigation Committee - meeting room
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People to meet Blaise Debeste
Sebastian Debeste
Justine Courtney
Raymond Shields
Kay Faraday
Nicole Swift
Lotta Hart
Ema Skye
Bonnie Young
Karin Jenson
Other Committee Members
Locations in Grand Tower
  • Global Studios Filming Lot
  • Entrance


  • Meeting room


  • Hidden storage room


  • Roof

The Prosecutorial Investigation Committee meeting room, located in the Grand Tower skyscraper, is where the meetings of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee are held.



Themis, the Greek Goddess of Justice.

The room where the meetings commence, on the 50th floor of Grand Tower, is one of the few revealed one of the few accessible locations within the building. There's a statue of Themis, the Greek Titan Goddess of Justice. It is where Edgeworth resigned as a prosecutor. The murder of Jill Crane occurred in the room.

There is also a hidden evidence room above it which stores evidence of past cases (including much of the evidence that was used in previous games). Blaise Debeste used to run an illegal auction and sell it to anonymous buyers. There's a secret elevator shaft that leads to the deliberation room underneath it.

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