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Pal Meraktis's autopsy report was a piece of evidence in Apollo Justice's investigation into Meraktis' murder.

Pal Meraktis's murder[]

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The autopsy report was given to Apollo Justice by Ema Skye. It would later be used to discredit the initial testimony of Wesley Stickler, as Stickler claimed that Meraktis had been shot square in the forehead while the autopsy report showed that the victim died of a gunshot wound to the right temple.


  • Victim's Name
    Pal Meraktis (Age: 46), Male
  • Estimated Time of Death
    June 14
    Between 10:15 PM and 10:45 PM.
  • Cause of Death
    Damage to brain resulting from bullet wound.
  • Points of Interest
    Entry point: right temple.

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