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Meraktis Clinic
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Meraktis Clinic Front
Organization info
Organization type Private clinic
Leader Pal Meraktis ( - June 14, 2026)
Organizational structure Pal Meraktis (doctor & owner; deceased)
Alita Tiala (former clinic nurse; arrested)
Affiliated groups Kitaki family (patients)
Notable dates June 14, 2026: Pal Meraktis is murdered.
Status Unknown
Area info
Meraktis Clinic
Owned by Pal Meraktis ( - June 14, 2026)
Entrance Eldoon's house
Enter from Wright Anything Agency
Kitaki Mansion
Relevant cases Turnabout Corner
Location info
Locations in People Park area
Kitaki MansionPeople ParkWright Anything AgencyEldoon's houseGatewater HotelMeraktis ClinicPeople Park Area
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Meraktis Clinic

The Meraktis Clinic was the workplace of Pal Meraktis until his murder. Alita Tiala previously worked at the clinic as a nurse. Guy Eldoon used to own a rival clinic, but was run out of business due to Meraktis's mob ties and now lives next door.


Main article: Turnabout Corner

Among the clientèle of the Meraktis Clinic was the powerful mob family, the Kitakis. One day, the Kitakis' youngest, Wocky Kitaki, was injured by a bullet during a fight with the Rivales family. The Kitakis took Wocky to the clinic to have the bullet surgically removed, as it was dangerously close to his heart. Meraktis took Wocky into a private ward to operate, but discovered that it would be impossible to remove the bullet safely, and that it would eventually kill him. Nonetheless, he sewed Wocky back up, told the Kitakis the operation had been a success, and locked the real results in a safe, hoping that Wocky's eventual death would not be traced back to his botched operation. Alita Tiala, a nurse at the clinic, was privy to these events. She later quit the clinic and was became engaged to Wocky, hoping to inherit the Kitaki fortune when he died.

Six months after the operation, however, the Kitakis had a check-up, their first one in years. After discovering that the bullet was still inside him, Wocky became furious and stole a gun from the family stash, intending to give Meraktis "a taste of his own medicine". Tiala warned Meraktis of Wocky's plans, mostly because she knew that her plan would be foiled if Wocky got his hands on the real results, but also partly out of concern for Meraktis. However, when she arrived, Meraktis panicked, believing she had been sent on behalf of the Kitakis. He pretended to play along and opened the safe, but then seized his chance and strangled Tiala to unconsciousness using a lamp cord.

Thinking he had killed her, Meraktis attempted to put her in his car to dispose of her body, but the car wouldn't start, due to the muffler being plugged by a pair of panties hidden there by Wesley Stickler. Needing another method, Meraktis ransacked the nearby noodle cart of Guy Eldoon, removing several bowls from it before placing Tiala inside. He then proceeded to pull it toward a stream in People Park to dispose of her body. However, in the middle of the park, Meraktis ran into Wocky. Meraktis began to explain the whole story to the furious gangster, telling him why he couldn't have removed the bullet. At that time, Tiala woke up and heard Meraktis talking. She realized her plot would never come to fruition if Meraktis told Wocky the truth, so she shot the doctor in his right temple at point-blank range from inside the noodle cart, killing him instantly. Stickler witnessed these events, but he did not see Tiala inside the cart, leading him to believe that Wocky had shot Meraktis. Wocky ran away and Stickler left to call the police, so Tiala saw her opening and escaped from the cart.

After Wocky was arrested, Tiala hired Apollo Justice as his attorney, hoping that he would be too inexperienced to win the case. At first, with the incriminating evidence and testimony against him, as well as the fact that Wocky continued to confess to the crime, Tiala thought her plan was secure. However, Justice found fatal flaws in Stickler's testimony. Realizing that her plans were once again in peril, Tiala took the witness stand in a last-ditch effort to get her fiancé convicted. However, this quickly backfired on her when Justice found holes in her testimony, even after "revisions", until she finally broke and confessed to the murder. Wocky was subsequently declared not guilty.