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Metis Cykes was the mother of Athena Cykes and a psychologist that worked with robots. She was the victim of the UR-1 Incident.

Seven years ago, Phantom infiltrated the space center GYAXA on the date of an important launch. One of his objectives was to steal a valuable moon rock sample that was being kept in the robotics lab that served as Metis and Aura Blackquill's office. He snuck in using Metis' uniform jacket and murdered her, leaving the blame to be placed on her daughter. However, the plan failed, as Simon Blackquill, rookie prosecutor and Metis's psychology student, took the blame himself in order to protect Athena.


  • Her Japanese first name can also be read as "shinri" (心理), the Japanese word for "psychology".
  • "Cykes" may be a play on "psychology" or "psyched".
  • Her first name, Metis, comes from the Greek deity with the same name. The Metis in Greek mythology was the Titaness of wisdom and deep thought. The word itself is a combination of wisdom and cunning. This trait would refer to her mastery of psychological abilities. In addition, the original Metis was also the mother of the original Athena, the goddess of wisdom.


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