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Mia Fey's autopsy report was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of defense attorney Mia Fey, for which her sister Maya was put on trial.

Role in murder investigation[]

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When Wright asked Detective Dick Gumshoe for Mia's autopsy report, he was given an outdated version, which stated that she had died instantaneously after being hit by The Thinker. During Maya's trial, Wright presented the report to contradict Gumshoe's claim that Mia had written Maya's name on the receipt before dying. However, Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth surprised the attorney by revealing that there was a new version of the autopsy report. It stated that there was a chance that Mia had lived for a few minutes, allowing for the possibility of Gumshoe's claim.

The next day, Wright was himself put on trial for the murder. During Redd White's testimony, Wright presented the autopsy report in order to contradict his claim that the killer had struck Fey twice.