Miles Edgeworth is one of the main characters in the Ace Attorney series, and an old friend of Phoenix Wright. He first appeared as the main prosecutor in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, when he was ruthless man who would do anything to get a guilty verdict for the defendant. In Case 1-4, however, Edgeworth appeared as the defendant being represented by his "enemy." Then after a speech given by the real murderer in Case 1-5, Edgeworth left the Prosecutor's Office to find out what being a prosecutor really means.

Soon, he will appear in a spin-off game called Gyakuten Kenji (Turnabout Prosecutor) with Detective Dick Gumshoe as his partner.


"Edgeworth" may come from "edge of a sword," just like his Japanese name "Mitsurugi."


In early 2001, when Miles was nine years old, his lunch money had been stolen by Larry Butz. The supsect at the time was nine-year-old Phoenix Wright, who skipped P.E. that day because he had a terrible cold. Sometime later, a class trial was held with Phoenix as the defendant. Everyone was shouting that Phoenix was the culprit, but both Miles and Larry stood up for him saying that no one has proof that he stole the lunch money and that he feels so sad that everyone had cornered him. The class trial had ended and the three boys became almost inseparable friends. Miles would often talk with Phoenix and Larry about his father, a famous criminal defense attorney by the name of Gregory Edgeworth.

Later on December 28, Miles went to the District Court to see one of his father's trials. Mr. Edgeworth was arguing a case against veteran prosecutor, Manfred von Karma who had a perfect record in court. During the course of the trial, Miles' father managed to prove that von Karma had forged evidence. As a result of this accusation, von Karma received his first and last penalty. However, von Karma still won and Gregory's client was declared guilty. After court was adjourned, the Edgeworths went to exit the courthouse through an elevator accompanied the bailiff Yanni Yogi. At approximately 2:00 PM, an earthquake struck the courthouse and shut off the power, leaving Yogi and the Edgeworths trapped in the elevator with little oxygen. During the 5-hour blackout, Yogi started to panic and attack Gregory; Miles felt a pistol beneath his feet and threw it at the bailiff, hoping to stop him from possibly killing his father. A single gunshot rang out, and the young boy fell unconscious with the last thing heard was a demonic scream that haunted him for 15 years.

He was then taken under the wing of Manfred von Karma who trained him to become a prosecutor. During his time with the von Karmas, he met Manfred's young daughter Franziska, who is also to become a prosecutor. The two shared a strong brother/sister bond.


Edgeworth became a prosecutor at the age of 20; his first case was against rookie defense attorney Mia Fey who was also new to the courtroom. Edgeworth used slightly extreme methods to try and get Mia's client Terry Fawles convicted for the murder of Sergeant Valerie Hawthorne, a policewoman who testified against him five years prior to the case. Edgeworth even knew from the start that his witness, Melissa Foster, was actually the "victim" of the "kidnapping/murder" 5 years ago: Dahlia Hawthorne. In the end, neither the defense nor the prosecution won the case; Terry Fawles had poisoned himself due to a promise between him and Dahlia. It is unknown if Edgeworth had other cases that year.

It is known, however, that Edgeworth took a big serial murder case--the SL-9 Incident. The suspect was Joe Darke, who was put on trial for the murder of Neil Marshall because of the "incriminating evidence." Darke was convicted, but there were rumors surrounding the prosecutor, concerning fabricated evidence, illegal investigations, and so on. Those who grew to either love or loath Edgeworth began to call him the "Demon Prosecutor."

Miles Edgeworth was considered unbeatable until the Mia Fey murder case (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)in which he met his old friend Phoenix Wright in court, with Maya Fey (Mia's little sister) as the defendant. When the real criminal Redd White, who appeared as a witness, confessed to the murder of Mia Fey, Edgeworth felt like he had lost everything: his pride, his perfect record, and his reputation. He could not believe that he had lost to a novice defense lawyer, even if that man was an old childhood friend from grade school.

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