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"Mimi" redirects here. You may be looking for "Mimi Nanano", the Japanese name for Bonny de Famme.

"Ini" Miney
Like, I'm really sorry, but I'm not all that smart... so I don't, like, get it.
Phoenix Wright
(Hmm. Why does it feel like she's just putting on an act?)

Mimi Miney was a nurse at the Grey Surgical Clinic working under Turner Grey, until she was involved in a car accident in 2016. She was believed to have died in the incident, with her sister Ini surviving the ordeal. In actuality, Mimi was the survivor and, under the façade of her sister, was the key witness in the second murder trial of Maya Fey. The whole case would eventually revolve around and reveal the truth about Mimi's past.

Malpractice incident[]

The malpractice incident.

During her time at the Grey Surgical Clinic, Mimi would often come home to her sister exhausted, having been overworked by Turner Grey and feeling overwhelmed by other people's expectations. In 2016, Mimi Miney was involved in a malpractice incident at the Grey Surgical Clinic, which resulted in the deaths of 14 patients. Grey claimed that Mimi had mixed up the patients' medication, which she would later confirm, and say that she was so exhausted that she didn't have the mental faculties to keep the medications straight. The malpractice incident attracted much attention from the world's media, appearing in talk shows, magazines, tabloids and the like. This continued for weeks.

Car crash[]

The aftermath of the accident.

Over two weeks after the malpractice incident, around 1:00 a.m., Mimi was involved in a car crash with her sister Ini, due to her falling asleep at the wheel since she was so overworked and exhausted from her job at the hospital. This resulted in Ini's death and Mimi's face becoming so badly burnt that she was unrecognizable. She was transferred from the general hospital to the Hotti Clinic for reconstructive surgery, arriving with her entire body wrapped in bandages and her arm in a cast. Using her dead sister's driver's license, Mimi decided to take Ini's identity and start a new life. Since the surgeons who operated on her were unable to verify Mimi's true identity, they reconstructed her face so that she was, for all intents and purposes, her deceased sister. This ordeal resulted in Mimi being hospitalized for about seven months.

Murder plot[]

Main article: Reunion, and Turnabout
Mimi Miney
Spirit channeling, the occult... I hate it! I hate it all!
Reunion, and Turnabout

With the drugged Maya Fey.

Mimi continued life as her sister, attending her college and even studying parapsychology despite secretly loathing the paranormal. This new life was shattered one day when Grey came to her to ask her about spirit channeling. He wanted to channel Mimi to make her write a confession and take responsibility for the malpractice incident and her driving accident. Realizing that the channeling would fail and blow her cover, Mimi told Grey about Kurain Village and Maya, and then went there ahead of time. She conspired with Morgan Fey to murder Grey and implicate Maya Fey as the killer.

Disguised as Maya Fey channeling the "deceased" Mimi Miney.

Maya and Grey locked themselves inside the Fey Manor's Channeling Chamber to perform the channeling. However, Mimi had hid inside a box in the chamber hours ahead to put her plan into motion. During the channeling attempt, Mimi drugged Maya and then stabbed Grey. She switched places with Maya, putting her into the box and dressing in spirit medium acolyte clothes. However, Grey had survived and attempted to shoot Mimi, but he missed, the bullet going through the folding screen and into the box Maya had been put in. Mimi finished him off with his own pistol at point-blank range. Hearing the shots, defense attorney Phoenix Wright and paranormal investigator Lotta Hart burst into the room. Mimi pretended to be Maya channeling the spirit, and Morgan hurriedly told them to go outside to call the police. While Wright and Hart did so, Morgan and Mimi burned the acolyte clothes and cleaned up the crime scene. Mimi then went to a Side Room to pretend that she had been sleeping through the whole ordeal due to a sesame allergy. Maya was arrested for the murder.

Wright took Maya's case and began investigating. When initially questioning "Ini", Wright was puzzled when he mentioned Grey to her. She began by saying she knew him, but then suddenly became agitated - totally at odds with her apparently laid-back personality - and quickly contradicted herself by claiming that she never knew him. Maya gave Wright her magatama, and her cousin, Pearl Fey, imbued it with spiritual energy. Wright tested the magatama on "Ini", and thus had his first encounter with a Psyche-Lock. With the help of Maya's magatama and Pearl's advice, he found out more about the fatal car accident. Wright later used the magatama again on "Ini" to extract even more information on the accident. Just as Wright began to peg her as the prime suspect, "Ini" dropped her airhead façade long enough to tell Wright that what he was thinking would be impossible to prove in court, and that, if he attempted it, she would "serve [him] a slice of humble pie".

In court the next day, prosecutor Franziska von Karma called Morgan Fey as a witness. Morgan testified that Maya had escaped from the Channeling Chamber and run off somewhere. This was, of course, a complete fabrication. "Ini" was then called as a witness, and lied that a possessed Maya had come to see her. Unfortunately for her, Wright found several contradictions in her testimony and proved that she was lying. He then went on to prove "Ini" was really Mimi with "Ini"s testimony about the malpractice incident, that Morgan had aided her, and that Mimi was the real killer of Turner Grey.


Mimi Miney
But, it would be very hard to catch me. Actually, I'd say impossible. [...] I think you get the picture. I'm going to serve you a slice of humble pie! I hope you enjoy it. Ha ha ha...

"Ini" Miney.

Mimi (in the guise of her dead sister) appeared at first to be an airhead with little to no understanding of what was going on around her, or much else for that matter. Her style of speech was punctuated by an overuse of filler words; for example, "like" and "totally". She would even occasionally stop mid-sentence and appear to completely forget what she was talking about. However, when faced with pressure, she was revealed to be calm, intelligent and cunning. She also harboured a deep feeling of guilt over both the malpractice incident and her sister's death. It was a combination of these two events that made her attempt to erase Mimi Miney from existence and live her life as Ini.

Her true nature would begin to show whenever she became agitated, as she would take off her beret and bite on it. If she felt she had the upper hand, she would twirl her beret on her finger with a smug look on her face. On other occasions, when extremely agitated or angry, she would stretch her beret in her hands, sometimes so much so that holes began to appear in the material. When she began to break down on the witness stand, she pulled down her hat over her face so hard that a ghoulish impression of her face appeared through the fabric. In her reveal as Mimi, she used the beret to wipe away her tears.

Mimi had a fondness for cars, taking a great interest in them and considering herself an "awesome" driver. She was overly protective of cars, especially the red sports car that she had her accident in, since it was an expensive model specially imported from the United Kingdom. This protectiveness meant that she would not allow her younger sister to drive it and also provoked a violent reaction if anyone badmouthed it.

She claimed to suffer from a sesame allergy during her guise as her sister.


  • Her Japanese name, "Mimi Hanaka" (葉中未実), means "nose or ears".
  • Both her own and her sister's English full names come from the children's counting rhyme "eeny, meeny, miny, moe".
  • In addition, "Mimi" may come from "mimic", in reference to her imitating her sister's personality and mannerisms. "Mimi" (like Maya) is also a pet form of "Maria", which is itself the Latin equivalent of "Mary". "Mary" originates from the Hebrew for "bitterness", which could be a reference to her feelings towards Grey and herself for her sister's death.
  • Her French name comes from "désespéré", meaning "desperate".
  • Her name in the Brazilian fan translation is "Tessália Memingue" a name that sounds similar to "Uni duni tê salamê minguê" which is the Brazilian equivalent of "eeny, meeny, miny, moe"


  • Despite the English localization of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All referring to her car as being a U.K. model (to accurately maintain the door side dilemma), the vehicle as shown in cutscenes is actually an American-made 1969 Camaro SS. In the original Japanese version of the game, the car was stated as being American.
  • The symbol on her sweater is a stylised om - a syllable that is regarded as sacred and mystical in Hinduism and Buddhism, and is used in prayer and meditation.