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Mimi Miney before facial surgery.

Ini mugshot

Ini Miney (also Mimi Miney after facial surgery).

Miney is a family surname which may refer to:

  • Mimi Miney (former nurse, underwent facial surgery to look like her deceased younger sister, arrested).
  • Ini Miney (younger sister of Mimi, now deceased).

Family history[]

  • Before 1996: Mimi Miney is born.
  • 1996-7: Ini Miney is born.
  • 2016:
    • May 2: Mimi is involved in a malpractice incident at the Grey Surgical Clinic, resulting in the deaths of 14 patients.
    • May 24: Mimi crashes her car into a road barrier with Ini in the front passenger's seat. Ini dies and Mimi is admitted to the Hotti Clinic with severe facial burns, where she purposely gives the doctors a picture of Ini to have her face reconstructed as her sister's.
    • December: Mimi, now posing as Ini, is released from the hospital.
  • 2017:
    • June 19: Mimi murders her former employer, Dr. Turner Grey, in order to prevent a channeling session that would reveal the truth behind her identity. Maya Fey is framed for the murder.
    • June 21-22: Trial of Maya Fey for the murder of Turner Grey. Phoenix Wright figures out the truth behind the murder, and Mimi is arrested.


  • The sisters' English names and surname come from the children's counting rhyme "eeny, meeny, miny, moe".
  • The family name in the original Japanese is "Hanaka" (葉中), meaning "nose".
  • In the French localization, Mimi is called "Daisy Sperey" (a play on "désespéré", meaning "desperate") and Ini is "Inès Sperey" (a play on "inespéré", meaning "unexpected" or "un-hoped for").

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