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Mirror fragments were a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Oliver Deacon, also known as Colin Devorae, at the Gatewater Land theme park.

Lance's kidnapping and Devorae's murder[]

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The fragments were part of a mirror that was used in the disappearing Badger trick of the haunted house. It was a mirror on one side and was painted to appear as part of the wall on the other. It was also attached to the corner wall in a t-shaped hallway of the haunted house. In one of the two branching hallways, a Blue Badger doll was placed. This meant that the mirror could be moved, making the illusion of the Badger "disappearing". Additionally, this created an empty space that visitors wouldn't see.

Lance Amano and Deacon were hiding behind the empty space where the Badger appeared to be. However, Deacon unexpectedly attacked Lance, and a stray bullet from Deacon's revolver hit the mirror, shattering it and leaving fragments in Deacon's Bad Badger costume. Amano then knocked out Edgeworth and hid the costume somewhere. Ernest Amano later found the costume.

Edgeworth later found the mirror fragments and deduced that the scene of Deacon's murder was the haunted house.

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