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Drew Misham.

Vera Misham.

Misham is a family name that may refer to:

Family history[]

  • 1974: Drew Misham is born.
  • 2007: Vera Misham is born.
  • 2019:
    • c. April 14: Kristoph Gavin requests a forged diary page from Drew and Vera, sending both a poisoned stamp and a bottle of nail polish.
    • April 19: Drew appears as a witness in the trial of Shadi Enigmar.
  • 2026:
    • October 6: Drew is murdered by Kristoph Gavin.
    • October 8-9: Trial of Vera for the murder of Drew.
    • October 8: Vera is hospitalized after unknowingly ingesting atroquinine that was on her fingernail polish.
    • October 10: Vera wakes up, having survived the atroquinine poisoning.


  • "Misham" likely comes from "my sham".
  • "Mi sham" in Hebrew means "who's there?"
  • The Japanese equivalent is "Ese" (絵瀬), which means "imitation".
  • The French equivalent ("Monin") may be a reference to the famous painter "Monet".

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