Not to be confused with the K-9 police dog also named Missile.
Phoenix Wright
Wherever Miles is, I hope he's okay.
Larry Butz
Yeah, me too. And I hope his little pup is doin' well.

Missile is a Pomeranian breed dog who was adopted by the Edgeworth family, and later the von Karma family. The dog was indirectly responsible for the class trial that brought Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, and Larry Butz together as friends, and helped strengthen their bond as they worked together to find his original owner.

Finding a homeEdit

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As a puppy, Missile was left in a delivery box and abandoned in the streets by his owner, Connor, for chewing up her new shoes. He was found by Larry Butz shortly after the dog happened to pick up a wad of money that was dropped by Miles Edgeworth, which Missile "guilt-tripped" Larry into turning over to the police. Later that day, Butz showed the dog to his classmates Phoenix Wright and Edgeworth, whom he befriended after he and Edgeworth defended Wright from their class's accusations of stealing the money. Once Edgeworth deduced Missile's original home address from the torn label on the dog's box, the three boys worked together to return him to Connor. When Connor rejected Missile, Miles convinced his father, Gregory, to let him keep the dog. Missile lived with the Edgeworths until Gregory was murdered by Manfred von Karma in the DL-6 Incident, after which he and Miles were adopted by von Karma.

With the von KarmasEdit

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Missile spent the next three years living at the von Karmas' estate. Manfred's five-year-old daughter, Franziska, took a particular affinity towards the dog, dressing him up as her father in an effort to cheer up the usually brooding Edgeworth. While shopping with the von Karmas at Lordly Tailor, Missile spotted a female Pomeranian named Napalm and ran after her. Edgeworth later found the two dogs together, leading to a confrontation with another customer, Goldy Gerwitz, whom Edgeworth demonstrated his aptitude for prosecution against when she tried to claim ownership of the runaway Napalm in order to cheat him out of a $5,000 reward for finding her.


Miles Edgeworth
I guess my dog's not the only troublemaker here today.

Missile was a very personable and friendly dog, pawing others with his forearms as a way of showing affection. He was supposedly ill-behaved at his original residence, resulting in him being abandoned, and was "obviously" not trained according to Miles Edgeworth upon meeting the dog. Missile took an immediate liking to Edgeworth before being adopted by him, and was often seen staying by his side during the boy's youth. He also showed a degree of empathy towards Edgeworth, becoming saddened whenever his owner expressed grief towards the death of his father.



The Missile from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

Missile's name is never stated on-screen in the Japanese version of the anime, instead being given in the English dub. The dog is based directly on Shu Takumi's Pomeranian of the same name, who in turn was possibly named after another dog from the series.[1][2] His design is identical to the Pomeranian in the Takumi-developed Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, also named Missile.


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