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A missing model gun was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Oliver Deacon, also known as Colin Devorae.

Lance's kidnapping and Devorae's murder[]

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Sometime after the murder, Lance Amano ripped the gun from the Bad Badger costume and gave it to Lauren Paups supposedly for self defense, pretending that it was a real gun, though in reality it only fired blanks. He then went to the stadium disguised as the Bad Badger, where he encountered Paups. She panicked, as Amano had told her that Deacon was trying to kill them, and fired it, apparently killing Deacon. She then threw the gun away.

Later, Edgeworth found out about the gun after examining a Bad Badger costume in the trash. He later used it to reveal how Amano had set up the fake murder at the stadium without dying, as blanks did not kill anyone and were harmless.

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