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As Master of Kurain, Misty Fey's power was supreme.

Misty Fey was the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique and head of the Fey clan, as well as an important figure in the DL-6 Incident, in which the police called her in to channel the spirit of Gregory Edgeworth. After the DL-6 Incident, Fey went missing for 17 years until she was discovered, post mortem, to have become a popular children's book author by the name of Elise Deauxnim. She was murdered whilst foiling a plot to kill her youngest daughter, Maya.

Becoming the Master[]

A scroll depicting Misty Fey as the Master.

In 1999, twenty years before her death, Misty Fey was the Master of the Kurain School of Spirit Channeling. Although this title is usually bestowed upon the eldest daughter of the previous Master, Misty's spiritual powers were much greater than those of her older sister, Morgan Fey, so Misty gained the position instead. At some point she married and had two daughters, Mia and Maya. Her husband died whilst Maya was still young.

Fall from grace[]

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Mia Fey
"'I have tarnished the Fey name.' Leaving only these words, my mother vanished."

In 2001.

In 2001, the police department hired Misty Fey to contact the spirit of Gregory Edgeworth to find out who had killed him, as the investigation had no leads and so the police were desperate. Misty successfully channeled Edgeworth's spirit, who accused Yanni Yogi of the murder (as he was unaware of who his true killer had been). Although Yogi was arrested, all charges against him were dropped thanks to a temporary insanity plea by Yogi, which Robert Hammond, his attorney, had convinced him to do.

Soon after the DL-6 Incident, Redd White learned about Misty Fey's involvement in the investigation from Marvin Grossberg and sold the information to the press. This ruined the reputations of the police as well as the entire Fey clan and its traditions. In particular, Gregory Edgeworth's son Miles Edgeworth grew to hate the Kurain tradition, calling Misty Fey a fraud. Misty Fey subsequently left Kurain Village, prompting her elder daughter, Mia Fey, to find out what had happened to her and to investigate both Redd White and DL-6. This would lead her to becoming a lawyer with her own law firm, which would then lead to her eventual demise at the hands of Redd White. After that, the full truth of the DL-6 Incident came to light in 2016, when Mia's student Phoenix Wright defended Miles Edgeworth, who happened to be an old friend of his, against a murder charge.

As "Elise Deauxnim".

Misty Fey lived her remaining years under the guise of a children's book illustrator named Elise Deauxnim. She became a favorite of many children including Pearl Fey. She took on an apprentice, Larry Butz, who went under the name Laurice Deauxnim. Nonetheless, the police were able to track Misty's movements and knew exactly who she was.

Meanwhile, Morgan's loss of power and influence due to the usurpation of her position and the DL-6 Incident caused her husband to leave with their children, Iris and Dahlia Hawthorne. This would leave Morgan bitter and cause her to plot several ways to usurp the Master's seat from Maya Fey and replace her with Morgan's own daughter Pearl Fey. Iris was later abandoned to Hazakura Temple, while Dahlia grew up with her father. Dahlia was involved in a number of incidents that lead to several murders and attempted murders, including attempts on the lives of Diego Armando and Dahlia's boyfriend Phoenix Wright. Although Wright escaped unharmed, Armando was put into a five-year coma.


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Misty Fey
After dishonoring the good name of Kurain, I don't have the right to face my daughter. But still... Maya is always in my thoughts. It's true... She'll always be with me, until the day I die...

One day, prosecutor Godot approached Misty Fey and warned her about a plan that her sister Morgan had hatched to usurp Maya Fey from the future Master's seat and replace Maya with Morgan's own daughter Pearl Fey. Maya, Pearl and Phoenix Wright were to visit Hazakura Temple; if the plan proceeded, Pearl would, under Morgan's written instructions, channel Dahlia Hawthorne, who would kill Maya Fey. Godot contacted Iris at Hazakura Temple and the three devised a plan to save Maya's life. Although reluctant to come out of hiding, Misty was determined to protect Maya, and so she went to Hazakura Temple with Godot as Elise Deauxnim, carrying a sword cane with her in case a deadly confrontation occurred. Misty also revealed her identity to Bikini, the head nun at Hazakura Temple. Larry Butz followed his teacher to the temple, oblivious to the entire chain of events.

Just before being stabbed by Godot while channeling Dahlia Hawthorne.

Misty's role in the plan was to make sure that Pearl was distracted by inviting her to read books with her, but Pearl started to worry about Maya's training at the Inner Temple, which was across the Eagle River from Hazakura Temple, so she did not show up. Misty searched for her and found Phoenix Wright, who did not know where Pearl had gone. Fearing the worst, Misty later summoned Dahlia Hawthorne so that Pearl would not be able to. At the Inner Temple garden, Hawthorne attempted to kill Maya, but Godot appeared from behind and stabbed Hawthorne in the back with the sword cane, resulting in Misty's death.


Lying dead in front of Hazakura Temple's Ami Fey statue.

Godot cleaned up the crime scene and moved Maya, who had been knocked out, into the Inner Temple. He then transported Misty's body to Eagle River, but lightning had struck and burnt down Dusky Bridge, so he called Iris and told her to catch Misty's body as he swung it across the river using a loose cable from the bridge. Iris failed to catch Misty's body and the body hit the ground. Iris was to take the fall if the plan went awry, so she transported Misty's body to the courtyard, where she stabbed the body with the Shichishito sword held by a statue of Ami Fey that was in the courtyard. Bikini caught her in this act and told Phoenix Wright to call the police at a payphone near Dusky Bridge. Wright instead told Larry Butz to call the police while he attempted to cross the bridge to save Maya, but the bridge broke and Wright fell into Eagle River. Iris was arrested for the murder.

Wright managed to survive with minor injuries and a cold. He asked Miles Edgeworth to defend Iris in his stead until he recovered. Edgeworth received Wright's magatama, a spiritually charged object from Kurain Village that gave its holder the ability to see Psyche-Locks guarding the secrets of those around him. This flew in the face of Edgeworth's previously acquired skepticism of the Kurain tradition, but he used it nonetheless to gain valuable information. He then took on prosecutor Franziska von Karma in court.

After the trial, Wright took over the defense's investigation and the defense's bench. He came to discover the dark truths behind the Kurain traditions, Dahlia Hawthorne, and the usurpation plan. Wright faced Godot in court and discovered that Godot was the real killer. Godot thanked Wright for freeing him from his anger and guilt and then shared one last cup of coffee with Wright before being taken to jail.


As "Elise Deauxnim".

At Hazakura Temple, Misty displayed the kind of personality befitting the typical image of a children's book author: kind, well-mannered, patient, motherly, and unassuming. However, it is worth noting that she was hiding her true identity at the time, and that her friendliness toward Pearl was partially motivated by an attempt to distract the girl from carrying out her part of Morgan's plan.

Misty felt much shame for what happened in the aftermath of the DL-6 Incident, to the point that she left her village and family, believing that she had tarnished the good name of the Fey clan. However, her love for her daughters remained strong, compelling her to cooperate with Godot in countering Morgan's plan, and even bringing a cane-sword with her to protect Maya's life no matter what the cost.


  • Her Japanese given name, "Maiko" (舞子), means "dancing girl". The English alias "Elise" is a variant of "Elisabeth" and is also the name of a dancing girl from the short story "The Dancing Girl" by the Japanese writer Mori Ōgai. "Elise" could also be a play on "alias".
  • Her Japanese surname "Ayasato" (綾里) is written with the characters for "twill" and "village". The reading of 綾 refers more broadly to cloth with full woven patterns such as twill or damask. It is possibly a reference to those fabrics being perceived as old-fashioned; alternatively, it could be chosen for its homophone 怪 which means "mysterious" or "suspicious". Taken together, it could be emphasizing the traditional and occult elements of her heritage.
  • Her full English name, "Misty Fey", is likely a play on "mystify" or "mystery".
  • The Fey clan title, "Mystic", is similar to her first name.
  • "Fey" comes from the word "fey" which can mean "magical", "fairy-like", "strange", "otherworldly" or "spellbound", in reference to her family's otherworldly abilities. An archaic meaning is "doomed to die". It may also refer to Morgan le Fay, the sorceress from the legend of King Arthur.
  • The name "Deauxnim" may be a play on "pseudonym", or it could be a combination of a corruption of "deux" (meaning "two") and the suffix "-nym". The "-nym" suffix is a variant of "-onym", a suffix from an Ancient Greek word for "name". This would give the meaning of her surname as "two name", suitable since she has two names; her real name and her alias.


The hanging scroll in Hazukura Temple's Inner Temple depicts Misty wearing a kimono similar to that worn by Maya. Like the other members of the Fey family, she is shown wearing a necklace with a magatama and several orbs. The number of orbs on the necklaces of Fey clan members represents how far along in their training they are, with the hanging scroll depicting her with six.[1]

As Elise Deauxnim, she wore a black hooded cloak, round earrings, and carried a staff with a purple orb that had a cane-sword hidden within it. Her hair is piled on top of her head with two pieces draping down towards her shoulders; it was much shorter in the mugshot used in Turnabout Goodbyes. Misty's hair color is generally shown as black, with the exception of this image of her as Elise Deauxnim.


In-game, when a character is speaking, the noise used as the text appears on the screen usually differs depending on the gender of the speaker; deeper if male and higher-pitched if female. During Misty Fey's only speaking appearance, the noise used when her text appeared on the screen was of the "male" tone (excluding her opening lines, when her identity was still "???"). The only other female characters in the series for which this is the case are Dee Vasquez, and Lana Skye during a certain line. It is possible that it was meant to indicate a deep voice, though it was temporarily changed to the "female" tone in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD.


  • Although other characters have appeared in-person in a game prior to the one in which they are killed, Misty Fey is the only murder victim in the Ace Attorney series to be only mentioned in a game prior to the one in which she was killed.