Mitrov Stroganov
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Mitrov Stroganov
Yet I allowed a stowaway like you to trespass. It compels me to throw you into the sea this instant.

Mitrov Stroganov (Nihongo: ミトロフ・ストロガノフ, Mitorofu Sutoroganofu/Russian: Митров Строганов, Mitrov Stroganov) is a Russian who was working as the head sailor on board the S.S. Alaclaire during Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's journey from Japan to England.

Saving the "princess"Edit

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At some point prior to the S.S. Alaclaire's journey from Japan to England at the end of 1899, Stroganov and the other crew befriended Nikomina Borschevic, a young Russian ballerina who wanted to escape from her homeland to seek asylum in the United States. The Alaclaire's crew agreed to help her do so, smuggling her onto their ship when they stopped in Shanghai. They accomplished this by putting sleeping pills in the chicken dinner given to the passengers before she came aboard and hiding her in a first-class cabin room while the potential witnesses slept.

Stroganov also managed to sneak his harmless pet snake Piroshko on board, despite the strict no pet policy, and placed a mouse trap in the ship corridor to collect rodents for the reptile to eat.

However, shortly after Borschevic came on board, she accidentally seemingly killed one of the passengers, a Japanese student called Kazuma Asōgi, whom she believed was going to expose her. Stroganov arrived to find Asōgi's body on the cabin floor, and immediately began helping to cover-up her deed by arranging the crime scene to implicate Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, a Japanese stowaway they discovered hiding in Asōgi's room. This seemed to work, as even the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, who was also on board the ship, fell for the trick and implicated Naruhodō.

Under the watch of a suspicious Susato Mikotoba, Naruhodō began investigating the Alaclaire in an attempt to clear his name, and soon encountered Stroganov guarding the door to the second class cabin area. The Russian told them not to enter the first class cabin where Borschevic was secretly hiding, lying that a passenger called "Grimes Roylott" (a disguised Borschevic) was staying there and did not wish to be disturbed. He also lied to them that "Roylott" had no relation to the case and that he himself had not seen anything suspicious at the time of Asōgi's death.

After Stroganov left to see that ship captain, Holmes proceeded to kick down the locked door to Borschevic's room after hearing a woman's scream (which later turned out to be Borschevic reacting to a newspaper article about her escape from Russia). Although Naruhodō attempted to ask "Roylott" some questions about the murder, Stroganov returned and took the disguised Borschevic away to to see the captain, before guarding the entrance to her cabin.

Strogonav band

With Piroshko wrapped around his head.

However, despite his best efforts, Naruhodō figured out that "Roylott" was Borschevic in disguise after managing to sneak back inside her cabin. Stroganov and Borschevic both demanded that Naruhodō be arrested for Asōgi's murder, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Piroshko, who proceeded to wrap himself around Stroganov's head. Seeing this, Holmes immediately accused the snake of being the true culprit of Asōgi's death, but was soon persuaded otherwise after Naruhodō gently corrected his faulty reasoning and Stroganov revealed Piroshko's harmless nature.

Naruhodō then began to accuse Borschevic of being the true culprit, which Stroganov attempted to refute by pointing out that Naruhodō had seemingly been the only one in the locked room when Asōgi was killed. Naruhodō responded to this by showing Stroganov the blank pages of the voyage log he had discovered, which indicated that something had been deliberately kept hidden on the night of the murder, despite the sailor previously stating that nothing unusual had happened then.

After Naruhodō experienced a headache and remembered that Asōgi disliked chicken and thus would not have eaten the chicken dinner served to the passengers, Stroganov admitted that he had drugged the food on that night. He also admitted that he had deliberately shut the latch to Asōgi's cabin via an emergency stop to divert suspicion away from Borschevic.

Borschevic eventually tearfully admitted her guilt and was arrested by Satoru Hosonaga in order to be handed over to Scotland Yard, with Stroganov declaring that he would also hand himself over the authorities once they reached England for his part in the cover-up.


Mitrov Stroganov mugshot


Stroganov is a very intimidating, blunt, and easily-angered man who greatly dislikes finding stowaways on board his ship. However, he does have a softer side that he tends not to show, in that is very protective of those he cares about, such as Borschevic and Piroshko.


  • His name comes from the meat dish, Meatloaf (mitōrōfu). His family name is a reference to beef stroganoff, a Russian dish.
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