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KABLAMMO! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'RE THE BIG WEINER! The one millionth visitor to the room of one Mr. Moe Curls, AKA ME!!
Phoenix Wright
(Earplugs... Must... Find... Earplugs...)

Moe's Room is on the first floor of the Berry Big Circus lodging house and home to Moe the clown.

Moe's room is rather messy and filled with clown paraphernalia. His bed - complete with clown nose and mouth at the end - is relatively tidy. When Phoenix Wright visited the room, he noted that Moe had an "excellent pair of pajamas" laid on his bed in "an excellent manner". Maya Fey was less impressed that said pajamas were a clown costume, meaning that Moe went to bed dressed as a clown. Moe thought of them as "refined" and "a bit too adult" for him to use on stage, hence why he used them as pajamas. Beside his bed are a couple of pairs of clown shoes and a banana peel prop. Moe claims to practice falling down 100 times every night to perfect the proper banana peel breakfall.

His room also contains a desk laden with books that Moe claims to spend every free moment studying or reading. The books include "Clowns for Dummies", "The Joke's On You", "Treat Your Peons Right", "Funny Jokes Are Funny", "Pull My Finger", "Clown Car Maintenance and Repair" and "Jean-Luc de Laduc's Guide To Obnoxious French Pierrots". Beside the desk is a television and a poster of Moe. Surrounding his bed is Moe's collection of clown costumes, all bought from a TV shopping channel that claimed them to be haute couture from the best international clown designers. Moe likes having such a large collection so he can match his costume to his mood and carrot. He claims to only own one T-shirt, the rest being clown costumes.

Above the window overlooking the lodging house plaza are a string of variously-shaped versions of Moe's trademark prop, the carrot. Underneath the window is a balancing ball, a unicycle and a trampoline, all broken. This is apparently due to his theme as a clown being "How many ways can a fat funny guy fall down?" Another victim of Moe's over-enthusiasm is his ceiling, through which he accidentally punched a hole while practising on his pogo stick.

An eyewitness account[]

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It was in his room that Moe witnessed what he thought was Max Galactica flying up past his window. This was used in court in an attempt to prove that Galactica was the killer of Russell Berry, the circus's ringmaster. What Moe thought was Galactica later turned out to have just been a bust of Galactica that Acro (on the third floor of the lodging house) planned to drop on Regina Berry, in anger at her naïve attitude towards his brother's coma. He left a note to lure Regina to the plaza outside, but Russell came instead. Unable to see the plaza below, Acro dropped the bust down on a pulley system and the subsequent blow to the head killed the ringmaster. The bust was then pulled back up, but in an odd twist of fate, it had latched onto the cape that Russell was wearing at the time. Thus, as the bust of Max Galactica was brought back up, a figure resembling Galactica, complete with cape, drifted up past Moe's window, causing the clown's later bizarre testimony in court.


Moe's Room is notable in that the dialogue when objects are examined in the room changes depending on the presence of Moe. This is true for every examinable object in the room.