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Moira Cytherea was a fortune-teller at Lordly Tailor's Fortune Circle who claimed to receive her predictions via an alien on the planet Venus. She was working on the day that Oracle Hecate was murdered.


  • Her Japanese family name "Kirameki" (キラメキ) means "sparkle", and probably is intended to refer to the way the planet Venus (the supposed source of her predictions) twinkles in the night sky or the shine of metal. In fact, the Japanese word for the planet Venus is "kinsei", which literally means "metal star".
  • Her given name "Moira" comes from the Moirai (more commonly known in English as the Fates) of ancient Greek mythology, who were the incarnations of destiny; the English localizers felt that this would be a good name for a fortune-teller.
  • "Cytherea", her English family name, is an alternative name for "Aphrodite", the ancient Greek goddess of love who was identified with the planet Venus and whose Roman equivalent was the goddess Venus; this fits with her supposedly receiving her predictions from an alien on the planet Venus. The English localizers also liked that it sounded similar to "ethereal".

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