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Money is a monkey performing at the Berry Big Circus who is unnaturally strong. He was known to drag shiny items away to Acro's room, such as Phoenix Wright's attorney's badge, Regina Berry's costume, and even a giant bronze bust of Max Galactica holding platinum cards.

A primate thief[edit | edit source]

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Money's fascination with shiny objects indirectly lead to a murder when he stole a bust of Max Galactica that was displayed in the circus cafeteria. He took it back, as with all his stolen objects, to Acro's room. Acro then used it as part of a plot to kill Regina Berry, towards whom he harbored a deep resentment. He would lure the girl underneath his window and then drop the bust on her head, killing her. Unfortunately, the plan took an unexpected turn when Russell Berry, the circus ringmaster and Regina's father, turned up in her place. Unable to see out of his window, Acro dropped the bust and killed Russell.

When Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey visited the Berry Big Circus to investigate the death of the ringmaster, they eventually encountered Money in the Big Top. The primate leaped upon the lawyer and stole his attorney's badge, much to Wright's dismay. Regina appeared, laughing at Wright's dumbfounded expression. She told him that the monkey's name was Money and that she would help him get his badge back, although he should probably ask Moe for help since even she had "Money problems". Moe was able to direct Wright to Acro's room, where the lawyer retrieved his badge, along with an engagement ring that "Trilo Quist" planned to use to propose to Regina. Dick Gumshoe later revealed that he was also a victim of the thieving primate, having had his wristwatch stolen.

Wright was eventually able to work out Money's indirect role in the murder and that Acro was the culprit.

A new partner[edit | edit source]

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Money was eventually adopted by Simon Keyes, an assistant animal tamer at the Berry Big Circus. The two could normally be seen with one another, with the monkey appearing on Keyes' shoulder. When Keyes was revealed to have been manipulating other people to murder each other, Money was among the circus animals who attacked him in anger.

Name[edit | edit source]

  • "Ruusaa" (ルーサー) is the Japanese word for "monkey" ("saru") backwards.
  • The name "Money" was likely chosen for its similarity to "monkey". His name thus allows for both currency-based puns and the confusion certain characters suffer over whether currency or a primate is being discussed. This includes the judge who, after "Trilo" refers to Money as a "filthy monkey", asks the puppet not to slander "innocent fiats" in his court.
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