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A doll of the Mighty Moozilla owned by President Di-Jun Huang of Zheng Fa. It doubles as an audio recording device that can record up to two sound clips. Each sound clip is associated with one of the two horns, and can be played back by attaching the corresponding horn to the doll and twisting it.


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In 2007, Amy Marsh had a son, John, secretly fathered by President Huang. Amy Marsh sent the doll to the president with a recorded message letting him know that the boy had been born, and to meet her at the Happy Family Home orphanage, where she worked, at midnight on February 10. At the appointed hour, Huang had a body double cover for him had set off to the orphanage. However, instead of Marsh, Huang encountered the blind assassin Sirhan Dogen, whom the body double had secretly hired to assassinate the president. The first strike detached the horn with Marsh's message, and the second fatally wounded Huang.

A boy named Simon Keyes witnessed this murder, but it was covered up and made to look like a kidnapping. The body double was brought back in exchange for ransom money from the government of Zheng Fa, and so the body double successfully replaced the president. Keyes retrieved the horn and drew a picture of what had really happened, which he showed to detective Dai-Long Lang. However, he was subsequently interrogated repeatedly by the orphanage director, Patricia Roland. Unable to handle the abuse, Keyes ran from the orphanage, leaving the horn behind.

Changing hands[]

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The rest of the doll remained in the body double's possession until March 2019, when it was retrieved by police as evidence for the murder of Ethan Rooke. However, it was transferred to a hidden storage room in the Grand Tower, where is was among other pieces of evidence that were being illegally auctioned off. On April 4, 2019, Jill Crane infiltrated the black market auction and used the now one-horned doll to record her confrontation with the auction conductor, whom she recognized as Blaise Debeste from a burn mark on his chin. Debeste had anticipated this and fatally wounded Crane before she could kill him. He left her inside a costume trunk and resumed the auction, but she managed to live long enough to climb up a floor to the top of the Grand Tower with the doll, where she succumbed to her wound. The recording was instrumental in exposing Debeste as the auction conductor the following day.

After Debeste's arrest, Miles Edgeworth used Little Thief to re-investigate the president's "kidnapping" and find the truth behind it. In the process, Keyes' belongings from the orphanage were retrieved, and among them was the missing horn. John, now 13 years old, learned that President Huang was his father, who had in reality been killed 12 years ago. He sought revenge against Dogen, but decided against it after realizing that doing so would only satisfy him at the expense of others who cared about him.