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Morgan Fey
Good sir! [...] How dare you be so rude and disrespectful towards Mystic Maya! [...] She must be addressed by her proper title, good sir. You must call her "Mystic Maya"!

Morgan Fey was the head of a Fey clan branch family, and the mother of Pearl Fey, Iris, and Dahlia Hawthorne. She has tried twice to put Pearl in the Kurain Master's seat, first by attempting to frame Maya Fey for murder and then by conspiring with Hawthorne to kill her.

Marriage and divorce[]

Morgan Fey was married to a wealthy jeweler and gave birth to twin daughters, Iris and Dahlia. She was set to become the heir of the Kurain Channeling Technique, but her sister Misty Fey's superior channeling powers allowed Misty to usurp the position from Morgan. The village looked down on her for losing out to Misty and her family became a powerless branch family. Because of this, Morgan's husband left her and Kurain Village, taking both daughters with him. These events left Morgan a bitter and vengeful woman.

After the DL-6 Incident, the reputation of the Fey clan was ruined and Misty left the village in disgrace. Mia, Misty's eldest daughter, left the village to investigate her mother's disappearance, leaving her younger sister Maya in Morgan's care. In the absence of the Master, Morgan was put in charge of the trainees, giving them a strict regime which included training for two days without any breaks. Morgan eventually married again and had a daughter, Pearl, who possessed amazing spiritual skills. However, her second marriage ended badly too, with her second husband leaving her soon after Pearl's birth.

First murder plot[]

Main article: Reunion, and Turnabout
Evil Morgan

Plotting her next move.

Morgan had always been bitter that she had been reduced to a branch family. Mimi Miney met Morgan and they came up with a plan to kill Turner Grey and to frame Maya for the murder. For Morgan, this was in order for her daughter, Pearl, to take Maya's place as the Master and allow her side of the family to become dominant again.

Miney hid in a box in Fey Manor's Channeling Chamber and waited for Grey, who had requested that Maya channel a spirit. The room was locked with only Maya, Grey and Miney inside; Miney then drugged Maya and put her inside the box. She then got into spirit acolyte clothes and stabbed Grey. However, Grey survived the attempt and tried to shoot Miney but she took the gun from him and shot him at point-blank range.

Two people, Maya's friend Phoenix Wright and an acquaintance photographer named Lotta Hart, heard the two gunshots and burst into the room. Miney pretended to be Maya channeling the spirit while Morgan frantically told the pair to go outside to call the police. Morgan and Miney then cleaned up the crime scene and burned Maya's acolyte clothes.

On the second day of the trial, Morgan put herself forward as a witness to the crime, and testified against Maya in court. Morgan claimed that she was performing the "Spirit Severing Technique" to remove Mimi Miney's spirit from Maya when she was knocked out by the possessed girl, who then escaped. This set up the prosecutor, Franziska von Karma, to call in Miney again to explain where the possessed "Maya" went after this.

Miney (in the guise of her dead sister) was then called as a witness to the murder and proceeded to lie about her channeled sister coming to see her. Unfortunately for both Miney and Morgan, Wright revealed her true identity along with the fact that she was the actual murderer. Morgan's role in the plot was also revealed and she was incarcerated and held in Solitary Cell 13. She swore that she would yet place Pearl in the Master's seat.

Second murder plot[]

Main article: Bridge to the Turnabout

About a year later, Morgan was transferred to another prison, which also happened to hold her daughter Dahlia Hawthorne, now a death-row inmate for killing someone herself. Although initially planning to kill Hawthorne, she chose to conspire with her to murder Maya. Morgan intended for Pearl to become the next master of Kurain upon Maya's death, while Hawthorne participated in order to take revenge against Maya's late sister Mia Fey, who had gotten her convicted. The plan was for Morgan to guide Pearl towards finding some hidden instructions left for her in Kurain Village. Pearl was to bring Maya to Hazakura Temple, and once there, channel Hawthorne, who would use her body to murder Maya. Morgan considered this "my last great wish", this perhaps being the only opportunity left available to her to usurp the main family.

However, Godot, a prosecutor who was looking out for Maya due to his love for her sister and knowledge of Morgan's first attempt, used his special role as a prosecutor to discover the plan. He decided that instead of disposing the letter and ending the plan altogether, he would allow Pearl continue with the plan, with the hope of getting revenge against Hawthorne. He informed Iris and Misty Fey of Morgan's scheme, and they developed a counter-strategy. Misty would attempt to distract Pearl by reading some children's books to her (under her guise as "Elise Deauxnim", a well-known children's book author). If that didn't work, Misty herself would channel Hawthorne so that Pearl couldn't. Godot would then physically restrain Misty/Hawthorne to prevent things from going awry.

After being forced to channel Hawthorne (leaving Pearl dumbfounded as to why she couldn't), Misty lost control of the vengeful spirit and made to kill Maya. Godot, however, intervened and killed the channeling Misty Fey, focusing on who he saw as Dahlia, not on Misty herself. Iris's role in the cover-up of the crime caused her to become the prime suspect and arrested. Miles Edgeworth, and later Phoenix Wright, took Iris' case. In the end, Hawthorne's soul was permanently exorcised and Godot exposed as the killer. Morgan Fey's last scheme had failed.


Phoenix Wright
(That soft, kind smile... It's the kind that tells you a pair of devil horns are not too far away...)
Morgan Fey Mugshot


Morgan Fey is a well-spoken woman and has high expectations of people visiting Kurain Village to respect the traditions of the village. Her hairstyle and kimono attire, as well as her habit of referring to people as "good sir" or "good madam", reflect this adherence to tradition. She also has passion for the Fey family heirlooms and would spank her daughter Pearl if she broke them.

Morgan seemed at first glance to be a calm woman who was apologetic at times for being a "lowly" branch family member, but was revealed to be cold and bitter. Even her murderous daughter Dahlia Hawthorne described her as being cold, twisted, horrible, bitter and vengeful. Her niece, Mia, also felt that Morgan is extremely sly and smart, which is demonstrated by her ability to fool an entire courtroom with a well-constructed testimony to clear any suspicion from herself and implicate Maya even further during her trial. Morgan was extremely overprotective when it came to Pearl, and she tended to view outsiders, especially Wright, with disdain. Morgan considered Pearl her most valued treasure, and her crimes were intended to make Pearl the next Master of Kurain. Hawthorne, however, once suggested that Morgan cared only about Pearl's ability to become the next Master.

Morgan is known to make "lovely bitter green tea" that was "so bitter you lose your tongue", along with "jaw-droppingly large strawberry desserts". Detective Gumshoe got to try one of the desserts, and even Dr. Grey was given "some sort of traditional dessert the size of a tea saucer". When Gumshoe bragged about having one of the desserts to Wright later, the latter expressed regret at not having the opportunity. Mia was also familiar with them, telling Wright that he was "softer than Aunt Morgan's strawberry desserts" when he got overconfident in court.


  • Japanese - Kimiko Ayasato (綾里キミ子):
    • "Kimiko" (キミ子) comes from the obscure shaman queen Himiko, who was associated with spiritualism. It may also come from 君 (kimi), which has dated meanings "lord", "master" and "noble".
    • "Ayasato" (綾里) is written with the characters for "twill" and "village". The reading of 綾 (aya) refers more broadly to cloth with full woven patterns such as twill or damask. It is possibly a reference to those fabrics being perceived as old-fashioned; alternatively, it could be chosen for its homophone 怪 (kai) which means "mysterious" or "suspicious". Taken together, it could be emphasizing the traditional and occult elements of her heritage.
  • English - Morgan Fey:
    • "Morgan" is a given name thought to have come from the Old Welsh "môr" meaning "sea" and "cant" meaning "circle." Alternatively, it may mean "great queen" (linking it to her Japanese given name) and relates the name to the Morrígan, a possible goddess figure from Celtic mythology. It can be straightforwardly interpreted as "great queen" (Old Irish "mór", ("great") "rígan" ("queen")). "Mor" may come from an Indo-European root connoting "terror" or "monstrousness", cognate with the Old English "maere" and the Scandinavian "mara". "Morrígan" (often translated as "Phantom Queen") is widely considered to be the older, more accurate form.
    • "Fey" comes from the word "fey", which can mean "magical", "fairy-like", "strange", "otherworldly", or "spellbound", in reference to her family's otherworldly abilities.
    • Her full English name likely comes from Morgan le Fay, the villainous sorceress from the legend of King Arthur who wished to have her son become king, analogously to Morgan's plots to have her daughter take the Kurain Master's seat.


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Morgana Sato: [1]
    • "Morgana" is a portuguese version of Morgan, is a likely reference to Morgan le Fey.
    • "Sato" is a common Japanese surname in Brazil, as well as being an abbreviation of the original Japanese surname (Ayasato).
  • Russian - Morgana Fey (Моргана Фэй):
    • A simple adaptation of the western version.


Morgan has long black hair tied up high with pink flowers, gray eyes, and red lipstick. She wears a black kimono with white kanji, a tan and red obi, white socks and white zōri, and red earrings. Unlike most Feys, she doesn't have a visible magatama. She usually carries around a gray teacup. In the anime, her kimono lacks the white kanji prints.

  • In the anime, she is shown to be more openly resentful of the main family, going as far as calling them an embarrassment to the whole Fey clan for breaking Kurain Village's rules, such as Misty involving herself with outsiders to solve the DL-6 Incident, Mia giving up being a spirit medium and becoming the next Master to become a lawyer instead in hopes of finding Misty, and Maya for taking Pearl to the beach without her permission.
  • To date, Morgan is the only antagonist in the Ace Attorney games to have no breakdown animation, owing to the fact that she was not in the courtroom when her role in Turner Grey's murder was exposed.